New benefits at home for epidemic prevention! Fuzhou launches free cable TV service to benefit the people

The current epidemic situation

Do you all stay at home all the time?

Notice! Notice!

Fuzhou distributes new welfare for epidemic prevention home

launch this free service

October 28 to November 10

Friends in Fuzhou can turn on the TV

Too many to pick and see!

Cable TV free to watch the public welfare activities to benefit the people are here. During the event, for digital TV users who cannot watch live programs and interactive on-demand programs, some live programs and paid programs will be opened for free, and some interactive on-demand programs will be opened for free.

Contents of public welfare activities


Premium channels

Help epidemic prevention publicity area

      The program also opened a special area for “Fighting the Epidemic with One Heart”, which includes columns such as Fujian prevention and control, daily epidemics, and popular science on epidemic prevention.

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