Netizens broke the news that the left procedure was about 45 million. Beifeng said bluntly: brokers hyped up prices

After the TES reverse round of 16, the whole team is faced with another matter, that is, the renewal of the player’s contract. Recently, some netizens broke the news that the left hand has completed the renewal, and the price is 45 million a year. Such a price, in the current China’s sports world is already a max salary, and even the annual salary of players in sports such as football and basketball may not have this price. Moreover, the performance of the left hand in this world competition can be said to be a bit of an annihilation, and it has not been seen by people. A bright, turning the tide.

Another biggest problem in e-sports is age. The left hand will be 23 years old next year. For an e-sports player, this is already the end of his career. At the age of 23, he has not won too high honors, nor has it been remembered. The profound key performance and the strength of the left hand make people questionable, so many netizens believe that the price that broke out this time may just be a gimmick!

Bei Feng, the anchor of Huya, thinks that this may be a conspiracy. He thinks: “This juncture is released to raise the price. The left-handed agent played very well last year, and he wants to continue this year. You wait and see the market. Don’t pay the bill, Bilibili’s stock has dropped from 160 to more than 8 yuan, I really feel that Chen Rui is printing money.”

This is indeed the case. Now whether it is an Internet company or a physical company, it is very difficult to live. There is not much money to spend on e-sports, and players like the left hand are not fakers. 45 million is indeed too much. This should be smoke Bombing, deliberately confusing people, now RNG and IG are all owed wages, how can there be so many people, how much money will they spend to buy e-sports players, one has no commercial value, and two, it is not stable to produce results, Beifeng’s this The prediction is still reasonable, this 45 million is indeed too much!