Netizens are hotly discussing: Taobo 4500W renews the left hand, how can his worth be so high?

#2022 Esports Season#

At noon today, the active blogger @電sports circle 77, an active blogger during the LPL transfer period, posted:

W used an incredible price (0.3 k emperor, 3 fruits) to renew the black angel, so the mid laner should not talk about anyone else​​​.

The manager of the Weibo team @stone rushing said in the end: The number 0.3 is wrong, and the price is not unbelievable.

Subsequently, the No. 77 file of the e-sports circle edited the Weibo as:

W has renewed the contract with Black Angel, so the mid-laner should not talk about other people (W boss said the price is wrong, I will delete the spicy first, but it is not ruled out that the boss will release smoke bombs)​​​

Because the blogger broke the news yesterday that TES has renewed the contract with Nakano, and today uses “0.3 k emperors” as the unit of measurement, the Weibo comment area started a discussion about the worth of the left hand.

In the communication with netizens, the blogger even revealed that the renewal contract of the left hand is as high as 4500W, and the price is one year!

4500W a year! ! !

This price has aroused heated discussions among netizens: Can the left hand be worth 4500W?

You know, the TES team just encountered Waterloo in the League of Legends S12 global finals!

As the No. 2 seed of the LPL, the All-China class, which is highly expected by the majority of netizens, TES lost to the Vietnamese team GAM in the group stage!

This is the first time an LPL team has lost to a Vietnam team!

What’s more serious is that after losing this crucial battle, TES was tragically eliminated and stopped in the group stage.

Big disappointment!

As the team’s mid laner, Knight, who is highly regarded, performed very mediocre in this S12 global finals, which can be called “stealth”.

Zeka, who was infinitely suppressed by him in the LPL division, shined in this World Championship, but Knight is not even a supporting role.

The poor performance in the World Championship, coupled with the current economic environment, can the left hand be worth 4500W?

Some netizens rebuked: Why would anyone believe in an annual salary of 45 million? Have you ever worked?

I feel that money is really not money in the eyes of some people, it is even worse than paper!

You must know that 4500W is real money, not stock options or the like!

In response, on the 77th, he posted again in response. He said that the salary of the players he said generally includes the salary of the players, the live broadcast contract and other expenses added up by the club.

In the LPL league, there are almost 5 players with an annual income of more than 3000W, and at least 15 players with an annual income of more than 1000W!

Moreover, the commercial value of leagues and clubs is constantly growing, so don’t feel that clubs have no money!

At the same time, No. 77 affirmed the worth of the left hand again in the comment area, saying that 4500W is the pure treatment of the left hand, and there is no bonus and gambling.

Topbo Group behind the TES Club is a listed company and its finances are public!

According to the interim financial report of Taobo Group this year provided by netizens, the revenue of the e-sports sector is only 31 million yuan.

Under this income situation, spend 4500W to renew the left hand?

Does TES still renew other people’s contracts?

How much salary do the two star players Tian and JackeyLove have to pay?

With such a large investment, can the money be earned back?

Therefore, the 4500W worth of the blogger’s revelations is very doubtful!

So do you think the left hand is worth 4500W? Welcome to leave a message.