Netizens analyze the defects of T1 team, faker is not without loopholes, and has fatal weaknesses in the middle and late stages

I believe everyone has seen the popularity of the e-sports circle recently. Judging from the current situation, S12 is indeed the hottest event, and everyone is paying attention. In this World Championship, our division has many opportunities to win the championship, but the LCK is also eyeing it. , according to their regular season performance, GEN and T1 are capable of competing for the championship, so we must pay attention.

Recently, some netizens have analyzed the defects of the T1 team and used their careful observation to give LPL some suggestions. From this analysis, we can see that the core faker of the team is not without loopholes, and there are fatal weaknesses in the middle and late stages. Let’s see, the first is Zeus, the top laner. Netizens generally think that this player has more advantages than disadvantages, and there are many points to be praised. picture.

The second is the jungler Oner. His personal strength is also very strong. There are two advantages. The first is his strong fighting ability. In the previous rankings for the degree of ferocity, he can be among the best. The second is that The competitive state has always been good. Compared with last season, his state has been maintained very well, and the shortcomings are also obvious, that is, he is a jungler. Apart from fighting, he lacks competitiveness in other aspects, such as competition for resources, Looking for opportunities to catch people, etc., when meeting with top junglers, the shortcomings in this regard will be more obvious.

The third place is the famous mid laner faker. I won’t talk about his merits. There are too many people on the Internet who boast about his strength, but everyone should remember that he has not won a world-class championship for 6 years. , It can be seen that the strength has declined. Let’s talk about the shortcomings. First of all, the big disadvantage is that the gank of the LPL is not very good. Another point is that in the middle and late stages of the game, it will be difficult to concentrate, which will lead to opportunities. Here we say The middle and late stages of the game are about the big picture, that is, in the last two rounds of BO5, especially the final tiebreaker, the stability and concentration of faker will drop a lot.

Then there is AD player Gumayusi. His advantages are also very simple, his laning ability is still fierce, and his state is maintained very well, but his shortcomings are also obvious. He is very capable in the early and middle stages, but in the late stage, his output ability is It’s probably because he was afraid of being taken away in an instant, so he didn’t dare to go forward and output. Another point is whether he will play Kai’Sa. I heard that it is very strong, but every time he takes it out, the effect is not good. Maybe here On the one hand, we can do something about it in the competition area.

Finally, there is support Keria. He is also a player with a distinct personality. His style of play is very aggressive. The disadvantage is that he maintains a good state and has sufficient offensive desire. At the same time, many supports can play in this version. His hero pool is very wide, and his signature Thresh is also ready to play. The disadvantage is that his mentality is relatively unstable, and sometimes he will give many opportunities in a row. Another disadvantage is that his advantages are brought about, and it is sometimes not a good thing to have sufficient offensive desire. After all, it is only a support, and sometimes offensive It is also very common to give it directly without doing a good job.

The analysis of netizens is still very reasonable. The editor is to reorganize the content of what they said and reorganize the language. At the same time, I also give some understandings of myself. In fact, everyone understands the truth, but I want to formulate these loopholes. The plan is a bit difficult. This is the content of the coaching staff’s research. We just give our own direction. Everyone’s goal is the same.