Netizen Changwen analyzes the S12 semi-finals: 369 is more comprehensive than Zeus, JDG jungler is stronger than T1

The 2022 League of Legends Global Finals has reached the top eight knockout rounds. With the end of the match between DK and Gen.G, there is only the last EDG and DRX match remaining in the quarterfinals. As both JDG and T1 defeated their respective opponents with a score of 3-0, it also means that the schedule for the first half of the semi-finals has been released. JDG will compete with the second seed T1 of the LCK division for tickets to the S12 finals. The two teams in the LPL and LCK are currently in the best state. Whoever wins the game means that there is a high probability that they will be the final winner of the S12 Summoner’s Cup.

For JDG, there is no doubt that T1 will be the strongest opponent they will face in this global final. Zeus in the top lane has never been able to meet an opponent before this. When he encounters two top top laners in the LPL division, Brother Breath and Brother Sheng Gun, he seems to be at ease. Therefore, 369, who also performed better than other top laners in this S12, may become the only possibility. Stops Zeus from dominating the top lane.

As the most powerful opponent on the road to winning the LPL division this year, many spectators were also worried about JDG before the game, and some netizens sent long articles to analyze the semi-final. In the article, the author of this analysis compared the strength of the players in the five positions, and came to the conclusion that the strength of the two teams is very close, and predicted that this game will become another round of S competition history after the BO5 of SKT and ROX. classic series.

In the competition for the top order position, this netizen believes that 369 is more comprehensive than Zues, although the latter is more aggressive. For example, 369 can not only select Jayce, Crocodile and Captain, but also rely on their personal ability. Heroes who can carry games can also take out team-oriented and tool-playing top orders like Aoun and Zhumei.

As for the comparison of jungler positions, the author of this long analysis article believes that Kanavi is stronger than Oner. Whether it is a wild-core male gun, a leopard girl, or a rhythmic pig girl and a blind monk, these heroes are easy to come by in Kanavi. . Therefore, it is impossible for T1 to limit Kanavi in ​​terms of hero pool, and JDG is slightly better than his opponent in the competition in the jungle position.

On the whole, this round of BO5 between JDG and T1 can definitely be called a rivalry, and JDG also has its own advantages. If they can maintain a good state and play their own advantages, they have a good chance of winning this round of BO5 to help the LPL division. Secure a spot in the finals. Of course, T1 is not an underdog that can be easily defeated. I hope JDG can use the time before the semifinals to prepare for the battle, research and find ways to target and limit T1. What do netizens think about this? You can share your views in the comments section below.