Neji, Chiyo sits in the new issue of Hokage planning, revealing the new character Darui [Boren Biography]

For the vast majority of mobile game enthusiasts, they must be familiar with the game Naruto mobile game. As the first genuine fighting game in the e-sports circle, Naruto mobile game, after going online, will rely on Naruto, a classic IP and unique gameplay, is highly sought after by netizens. At the same time, its endless game version updates also keep Naruto mobile games a very high topic.

I believe that Naruto mobile game players know that the Naruto mobile game has ushered in a wave of version updates recently. In addition to the changes to the gameplay, the official has also launched a new game character Darui [Boren Biography] , as soon as this news came out, it also caused a heated discussion on the whole network. It is worth mentioning that with the launch of Daluyi [Boren Chuan], Huya officials also took this opportunity to rectify their work and launched a new issue. The Naruto Plan said.

Players who are familiar with this show know that in this show, the official invites game planners to sit in the live broadcast room to let players know about the new version trends and analyze the new version in more detail. It can attract countless netizens to come and watch, and in the latest Hokage planning talk, it is reported that the official not only invited the planning “Ningji” and planning “Chiyo” to participate in it, the popular commentator “C Kai” and the popular video author “Qiao Yan is not an old saying”, “Naruto handsome man Chirabi” and other three people will join this planning and said that all players are also looking forward to it for a while.

Interestingly, before the opening of the Hokage plan, the three of them also had a wave of continuous microphones. During this period, C Kai said that as a planner, he must first test the strength of Kirabi and Laoyan, so the three also decided to open it. Warming up the friendly match, it also attracted countless netizens to watch. At the same time, in order to make players feel involved, the official also prepared the whole Darui card, Apple headphones, Naruto peripherals, Jingdong card, peripherals And luxury gifts such as thousand yuan Q coins, so players who are interested in this should not miss it!