NBTC, industry bodies, operators and Huawei launch development initiative towards ultra-broadband 5.5G evolution

During the 8th Global Ultra-Broadband Forum (UBBF 2022), National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission of Thailand (NBTC), World Broadband Association (WBBA), Telecommunication Management Forum (TM Forum), Informa Tech, AIS, True, China Mobile International (CMI), MTN GlobalConnect, Zain KSA, Telekom Malaysia, LightCounting and Huawei jointly launched the Ultra-Broadband 5.5G Industry Evolution Development Initiative, calling on the industry to jointly promote the evolution direction and standard definition of Ultra-Broadband 5.5G, and jointly promote the prosperity of the fixed network industry develop.

Guests from standards organizations, industry bodies, operators and Huawei participated in the initiative ceremony

AM. Thanapant Raicharoen, Ph.D., member of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission of Thailand, pointed out that dual gigabit connections are the engine of the digital economy, bringing innovation and efficiency improvements, and promoting the intelligence of society and the country. Connecting and narrowing the digital divide ” has been Thailand’s strategy for the past five years. In 2021, Thailand released the Giga Thailand White Paper and formulated a development plan for the next five years. Giga Thailand has gradually become a reality. AM. Thanapant Raicharoen, Ph.D. calls on the government and industry to go further and start the construction of a dual-gigabit city in 2023 to make Thailand the digital center of ASEAN.

Gary Nugent, CEO of Informa Tech, said that the ultra-broadband 5.5G future is aspirational, a world in which the potential of cloud, artificial intelligence and ultra-broadband will be fully unleashed to meet the inevitable future challenges. This is exactly what the industry is working towards, a more prosperous, peaceful, inclusive and sustainable future.

In the field of optical industry , ETSI released the white paper “F5G Advanced and Beyond” in September this year. On the basis of F5G capabilities, it further elaborated that the future industry will move towards greater bandwidth, more connections, smarter, greener, more real-time and more The evolution direction of strong perception.

In the field of data communication , the analysis agency Omdia released the “Research on the trends of Data Communication Network for 2030” white paper in October this year, expounding the core connotation of the future data communication network Net5.5G end-to-end IPv6+ bearer, and defined the green The six major features of ultra-broadband and network intelligence provide important considerations for the evolution direction of the digital world network.

Huawei believes that when moving towards ultra-broadband 5.5G, industry partners such as standards organizations, government regulators, operators, and equipment vendors need to work together to promote the development and innovation of the industry in terms of technology, network, and ecology, and jointly create the prosperity of the ultra-broadband industry.

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