NBA genuine authorized mobile game “All-Star Street Ball Party” is first exposed, creating a peak experience of street ball competition

Recently, the first exposure of a sports game “All-Star Street Ball Party” with the theme of street basketball, authorized by the NBA’s official players’ union, has attracted the attention of many basketball fans. This is also the first time NetEase has obtained a version number this year. game. The style of the comics style makes people’s eyes shine, and the editor immediately became interested.

From the first exposure video of “All-Star Street Ball Party”, it can be seen that the game highly restores NBA stars in service, such as Westbrook, Anthony Davis, Stephen Curry and other basketball superstars in the game, and the character design is very Personality and restoration, distinctive features, you can see which star is at a glance.

For example, Anthony Davis’ thick eyebrows are highly recognizable, and the baby-faced Curry is also very fashionable. Westbrook wearing headphones also shows his strong muscles. I heard that these basketball superstars can be manipulated in the game. In the battle, the editor’s expectations for this game are higher.

In addition to the highly restored many NBA stars in the game, the gameplay is also very interesting. The game has 3v3 mode, 11-point mode, coach mode and other competitive modes to choose from, which can adapt to the operation of different players. And the rules of the game are relatively simple. The 11-point game allows us to enjoy a super fast-paced streetball experience. The time spent on a single game is also very short, and the operation difficulty is low. It is said that this game is quite friendly to beginners.

The 3v3 mode and 11-point mode in “All-Star Street Ball Party” all test the player’s operation. The extreme micro-manipulation and teamwork will dominate the game in minutes and seconds. Players can experience the ultra-fast-paced, key ball winning streetball. pleasure. More importantly, this game also has a gym and gym system. Players can unlock fancy moves, and they can also form their own teams to play fierce arena games, which is so exciting!

Not only that, there are also various trendy fashions in “All-Star Street Ball Party”. Players can freely match trendy clothing to their favorite basketball superstars, walk in the forefront of fashion anytime and anywhere, and lead the street fashion. Moreover, we can also DIY our own sneakers and create unique custom boots by ourselves. Such a surprising experience is naturally not to be missed!

I believe that many basketball fans want to experience “All-Star Street Ball Party”. Now the official website has started to make reservations, and the reservation rewards are extraordinarily rich. Players who make an appointment to reach 300W will get game gift packs such as “Shining Star Ross”. Participating in the appointment will also have the opportunity to get physical rewards such as sports headphones, genuine jerseys, limited sneakers, etc. These rewards are too tempting, friends can go to make an appointment first A wave!

I heard that “All-Star Street Ball Party” will be tested in December. You can look forward to it. At that time, we will be able to see many basketball superstars appear in the game, and we will also be able to enjoy a hearty streetball competitive experience, my friends. Remember to make an appointment!