National Rhyme Three Kingdoms, the domestic action mobile game “Ji Wushuang 2” with coexistence of innovation and restoration

Romance of the Three Kingdoms has always been the most “breaking circle” of the four famous novels. Various contents of this theme widely exist in various circles in the field of video creation and games.

The “dedication” and penetrating acting skills of the older generation of artists also allowed us to transcend the attributes of words in childhood and face the ups and downs of “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”. A different passion and emotion.

Then, as the most immersive carrier of games, the theme of the Three Kingdoms has naturally become the favorite of many players, and various games based on the theme of the Three Kingdoms have emerged in an endless stream, but in contrast, in the current domestic games, the content of the Three Kingdoms series has become Repeated card draws, modular maps and simple numerical competitions.

Three Kingdoms fans’ feelings for the Three Kingdoms should not be just a simple vertical painting, a simple character introduction and card face and one-sided digitization, but should have a large battlefield, three-dimensional many famous generals, and a mighty hedging between the two armies. A big scene of chaotic battles.

What players need is also a “Three Kingdoms game” that restores the story and has a battlefield in troubled times, and the appearance of this innovative Wushuang action mobile game “Ji Wushuang 2” just broke this deadlock, and will truly have the action of a big battlefield. Games like the Three Kingdoms are presented to the players.

Restore classic gameplay

As a mobile game with the theme of the Three Kingdoms, “Ji Wushuang 2” takes the classic “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” story as the main storyline. In the main storyline, players can accompany “Liu Bei” to experience classic plots such as Taoyuan’s Three Knots, the Yellow Turban Rebellion, the Battle of Hulaoguan, etc., and they will also revisit those fierce generals and counselors who were in the Three Kingdoms era.

Moreover, some more “popular” jokes will be added to the serious cutscenes. For example, the classic scenes such as “I have the unparalleled general Pan Feng, can kill Hua Xiong”.

With the in-depth understanding of the game’s plot, many game contents are also unlocked one by one, such as the development of generals, the upgrade of weapons, the change of the team, etc., among which various development materials can also be produced by repeatedly brushing the level. out.

Every general in the game has its own position: tank, shooter, assassin, support, and different occupations also have corresponding different skills.

But if you just think that this is a single-player game where generals draw cards, you are wrong. In addition to the main individual battles, “Ji Wushuang 2” also adds a multiplayer cooperative gameplay, not only a team battle but also a force mode. Players are not alone in this war-torn Three Kingdoms.

The most interesting thing is that the faction can add additional attributes by changing the favorability of different heroes of the Three Kingdoms. Of course, what you can do is not only to increase the favorability of your own side, but you can also reduce the favorability of other forces by “dividing”, just like a Three Kingdoms version of the palace fighting drama.

In addition, I heard that in the follow-up gameplay, players can influence the development of the story through their own choices. That is to say, “Ji Wushuang 2” is not only simply reproducing the classic Three Kingdoms story, but there may be many hidden branches waiting for you to discover. Imagine, if Guan Yu beheaded Cao Cao on Huarong Road, how would the story of the Three Kingdoms develop?

If you are just a casual party, it is a good choice to do daily tasks, clear tasks, fight battles, and watch the Three Kingdoms again for an immersive experience.

But if you are an explosive party, then there are not only daily tasks, challenge tasks, time-limited tasks waiting for you to challenge, but also a variety of gameplay such as crusade levels, power favorability, 1v1\3v3\60v60 PVP, etc. to meet your needs. .

Loyal to the national style, dare to change

As an action game, it is definitely not enough to restore the plot and add gameplay. “Ji Wushuang 2” has also put a lot of thought into the national style of the battlefield and character skills.

Each military commander of the Three Kingdoms, based on the classic characters of the military commanders in the historical stories of the Three Kingdoms, has added a design with more national rhythm characteristics, coupled with the Chinese dubbing of the whole process, the character’s personality is clearly displayed in front of the players. It is worth mentioning that when I was playing Zhang Fei, the drama that came out when I shouted angrily made me even more surprised.

As for the interface design, in order to allow players to have a better ARPG operating experience, the production team has made a special mobile phone screen adaptation on the interface UI, which is convenient for players to switch generals and use skills more comfortably and quickly.

Coupled with the crit text of the combo, the screen shaking when the skill is released, the high-frame smooth action display, and the sense of blockage after the collision between the weapon and the enemy. This gives “Ji Wushuang 2” a sense of attack that many mobile games do not have.

So since the sense of blow is already there, the special effects can’t be increased and filled up? The production team obviously has a soft spot for cool stunts, and has also carried out artistic processing to fit the image of their historical stories for different generals. For example, Zhang Fei’s unparalleled skill is based on the image of a fierce tiger, and the skill animation relies on the roar of “Changbanpo” as the background, as if to reproduce the classic legend of Zhang Fei’s “roar, water flows backwards” in front of Changbanpo.

Da Qiao’s skills are mainly based on the release method of flying umbrellas, and the intelligent shooter-style attack with petals all over the sky. It looks very elegant and agile.

But what I want to experience the most is the skills of the god Zhao Yun in my heart. Looking at Zhao Yun’s cool skills in the CG, and his handsome and heroic appearance in the enemy’s army, I am very looking forward to it. Zhao Yun needs to log in the game for 7 days to get it, and he can only share his experience with you after he gets Zhao Yun.

It is also the reshaped image of the generals, together with the cool special effects pictures, which together depict the innovative picture of “Ji Wushuang 2” in the traditional game field of the Three Kingdoms theme. It integrates the “national style” tone and modern elements, and at the same time is loyal to the classic story background of the Three Kingdoms, bringing an unprecedented fresh experience to players who love the Three Kingdoms.

This is “Ji Wushuang 2”, a game that “seeks innovation and change” under the traditional theme of the classic Three Kingdoms.

write at the end

In fact, many Japanese games are very willing to substitute elements of the Three Kingdoms, and even “Three Kingdoms” is one of the materials that will be selected in the Japanese teaching system. Therefore, the Three Kingdoms games we have experienced in the past all have a very strong “Japanese style” in them. Although the production is excellent, there will always be some sense of loss in the process of playing.

Unlike these works, “Ji Wushuang 2”, as an original domestic ARPG game, is rarely seen in the market at present, which is based on the national style and has a Three Kingdoms background game that China understands in it. Therefore, I also believe that “Ji Wushuang 2” can bring a more Chinese-flavored Three Kingdoms world and an immersive gaming experience to the majority of players.