My hometown, my ship | Entering the Lhasa ship

My hometown, my ship | Entering the Lhasa ship

Known as the “Sunlight City”, Lhasa City in the Tibet Autonomous Region is a legendary historical city that spans thousands of years. It has unique plateau scenery and rich humanistic history. The cultures of various ethnic groups blend here, and generations of builders compose songs of struggle. , creating countless development miracles on the snow-covered plateau. Across the territory of China, separated by thousands of mountains and rivers but closely connected by blood, there is a walking “sunlight city” – the Navy Lhasa. It is the third Type 055 10,000-ton destroyer equipped by the People’s Navy. The officers and soldiers of the ship inherited the “old Tibetan spirit”, worked hard and climbed to the top, pushing the giant ship forward at a faster pace. When an ancient city meets a young warship, on the highest snow-covered plateau and in the vast expanse of the ocean, they go hand in hand with the love of blood, opening up a new picture of military-civilian unity in the new era.

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