【Must Buy】You know the game! A must-buy series of Switch games in 2022 (Winter Chapter)

Hello, brothers and sisters, welcome to this issue of the game diary, I am an old talker. Last time the old talk and the bros complemented this fall’s fairly good Switch games. In this issue, we will continue to talk about this topic and see what other good games are worth starting in winter. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Night of the Magician Release Date 2022.12.8

A visual novel from 2012, which just passed its 10th anniversary this year, and its anniversary gift to fans and readers is to invite a super-luxury voice actor lineup, equipped with full-story voice, with FullHD picture quality, New AVG game supporting English, Japanese and Simplified and Traditional Chinese. The remake of TYPEMOON’s old work “Night of the Magician” will be officially released on December 8 this year. For players who don’t know this visual novel at all, we only need to talk about the following seiyuu lineup. Ahem, the nominees for the Best Dubbing Award for “Night of the Magician” are: Haruka Tomatsu, Coriander Hanazawa, Yusuke Kobayashi, Chika Anji, and Tosei Fukamachi.

For players who lightly dabble in the second dimension, if you have heard the famous “Fate” series, it will be better for Amway. “Fate/Stay night”, as the first work of TYPEMOON after commercialization, has a positive world view and character image. It is derived from Nasu Mushroom’s earlier “Night of the Magician”, not to mention the classic works under the framework of the moon world such as “Tsukihime” and “The Realm of the Sky”.

Back to the background setting of “Night of the Magician” itself, the teenager Shizuki Kusanagi who came from the village to Misaki Town, the transfer student council president Aozaki Aoko, the lonely beautiful girl Kuonji Yuzhu, because of a series of events Live together in the Kuonji mansion. On the surface, it is the daily life of a boy and two girls, but secretly, there are rumors that there are two witches living in the house on the ramp in Misaki-cho. Coincidentally, the two witches are in the quiet grass. Juro swayed in front of his eyes.

Romance Shaka: Song of the Bard Release Date2022.12.1

This “Romantic Shaka: Song of the Bard” from SE was originally the first-generation remake of “Romantic Shaka” released on the PS2 console. Now it has been taken out by SE again for high-definition, which can be regarded as a reset. ‘s reset version. Anyone who has played Shaka knows that the degree of freedom and the randomness of battle are the basis of Shaka’s playability, and this generation is no exception.

As early as the PS2 period, the Bard was considered by many JRPG players to be the most attentive remake in the history of SE, and it can be called the masterpiece of the Sagar series. In that era when most JRPGs were outputting, it was hard to imagine a turn-based game with such rich details of characters. After a round, many characters’ postures and even expressions have different expressions. In addition, the game also inherits the flash and link system of the Shaka series, and the free script is also preserved. In the game, players can experience the adventure stories of 8 protagonists with different identities.

The “Song of the Bard” version has once again enhanced the gameplay and image quality, and added some new content. It will be released on December 1st this winter. Old players after 8090 can consider a wave of nostalgia. The game is temporarily No Chinese, only recommended to the former Sajia iron fans, new players should be cautious.

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Release Date2022.12.13

Let me just say, if you haven’t played “Crisis Core”, if you are not going to play “Crisis Core”, then just turn off the video. This game, alas, this game must be played, even if you drive a PSP emulator with 8X resolution, even if we don’t buy the remastered version of Switch, it is still a masterpiece that must be played in this life. How handsome Sephiroth is, how manly Zax is, and how gentle Alice is.

Do you remember that in the 25th anniversary of “Final Fantasy”, in the selection of the most popular male character, Zack of Core Crisis won the first prize in one fell swoop, and even in the final fantasy poll held by NHK in 2020, Zack can be ranked The 10th position in all characters; you remember that on Valentine’s Day in 2019, SE deliberately announced to the world before the release of the Final Fantasy 7 remake, Zack and Alice’s Flower and Waiting is the greatest 5 of the FF series One of the love stories, what concepts do we need to talk about?

Only after playing Crisis Core can you understand why Claude talks about Zack with the respect of his elder brother like his father, and when he gets along with Alice, it means like a guest. Only after playing Crisis Core can you fully understand the will and emotion inherited from the sabotage sword in Cloud’s hand. Only after playing Crisis Core can you truly understand the complete world view under the planet Gaia of FF7. Only after playing Crisis Core, it makes sense for us to talk about how much you love FF7. Not much to say, I hope that every brother can be talked about Amway to this old game 15 years ago, and I also hope that every brother can be like me and try to do everything possible to eliminate the top of Nima Mountain in the end. All Shinra soldiers.

OK, the above is the entire content of this game diary. Brothers, what games do you want to share with Laotan? You can comment below or leave a private message. Maybe which game you like will be on the show. Finally, ask for a one-click three-link, and then I may not be sure when I swipe, just sauce, let’s see you next time!