“Must buy” you know the game! A must-buy series of Switch games in 2022 (Winter Chapter 2)

Hello, brothers and sisters, welcome to this issue of the game diary, I am an old talker. Last time the old talk and the brothers supplemented the Switch games that were pretty good this winter. In this issue, we will continue to talk about this topic and see what other good games are worth starting in the second half of the year. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Ib Horror Art Museum Release Date 2022. Winter

You can call it “Ib” or you can call it “Gallery of Horror”. At Nintendo’s last press conference, the screen looked a lot shabby compared to other games, but the amount of barrage was quite astonishing, which shows that sometimes just looking at the appearance of the game will really miss a large number of good games (the legendary one). downvoted). The “Ib Horror Art Museum”, which seems to be inconspicuous and even has some shoddy pictures, is the existence of the four major horror RPGs in Japan together with “The Witch’s House”, “Mad Father” and “Dream Diary”.

This work, supplemented by puzzle solving and plot-based, revolves around a 9-year-old girl named Ib. Ib came to the museum with her parents. Just as she was admiring the works of art, she suddenly found that everyone around her had disappeared, and she was also involved in a different world. The world is full of statues, books and paintings, and they all have life, and the game plot and puzzle design rely on these living works of art. Ib showed the composure and calmness that a 9-year-old girl should not have in the art gallery of another world. On her way home, Ib met a big boy who was also trapped in the art gallery.

In terms of game difficulty, after this game is ported to the Switch, the difficulty of multiple puzzles should be lowered like landing on Steam, and the time and speed of the enemy’s pursuit will also be weakened. In addition, relying on the touch screen of the Switch, it is estimated that other playable settings will be added, such as pinch-to-zoom screens, or other touch linkages. All in all, “Ib Horror Art Museum” is at the top of the pixel-level horror game industry in terms of gameplay and script. It pays attention to the sense of atmosphere. It can capture the nervousness of players and lead you into this mysterious alien world. .

Ragnarok Release Date 2022. Winter

The legend series has always occupied a place in the hearts of JRPG players, whether it is “Fantasy Legend” in the GBA period, “Fate Legend” in the PS2 period, or “Twilight Legend” and “Dawning Legend” launched on PS3 and PS4 in the later period. Dream Palace has been stumbling all the way to make the legendary IP. This time, Nintendo announced that the “Legend of Xianle HD Reset Edition” released in winter was released as the first 3D version of the Legend series as early as the PS2 period, and won the Excellence Award at the 2003 Japan Game Awards. As the fifth orthodox sequel to the series, Legend of Xianle not only made a bold attempt to 3D, but also played a lot of music. Just like the symphony written in the title of the game, SYMPHONIA, from classical to jazz, from pop to rock, has been played over and over again, which really makes the game one step closer to the artwork. Players talk about the music part of the game, too Crazy nod. As far as the old saying goes, the game OP of “Legend of Xianle” is infinitely close to the Nanbowan (“Legend of Fate”) in my heart.

There is no question that the music, art, and even the plot list of “Legend of Xianle” are remarkable, but perhaps because of the first 3Dization, I have come into contact with the previous 2D legends that are super classic and support the scene. Games, preconceived, I personally always feel that “Legend of Xianle” is not enough. Of course, this does not affect that it is still a good game worth recommending. After all, if there are really new players who fall into the pit of legends because of this thing, they can find a lot of treasure games in the ancient times. How happy is this? Don’t directly crush me and other legendary old players on the ground. Finally, the last cross-platform porting of “Legend of Xianle” was due to the forced file reading, and the situation of suspended animation in dialogue is still vivid in my mind. This time I switched to the Switch, I just hope not to make so many deadly bugs to disgust the players. In the end, when will you be able to remake “Eternal Legend” at Namco Palace, I beg you.

OK, the above is the entire content of this game diary. Brothers, what games do you want to share with Laotan? You can comment below or leave a private message. Maybe which game you like will be on the show. Finally, ask for a one-click three-link, and then I may not be sure when I swipe, just sauce, let’s see you next time!