Musk is on Twitter! Fired CEO and CFO, change plan is about to begin

‘Trump’ is just around the corner

Author|Cao Tingting

Twitter officially kicks off the Musk era!

Just now, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has completely “in charge” of Twitter and has become the actual controller of Twitter.

When the new officer took office, the first thing Musk did was to fire Tesla’s former CEO and several senior executives. At present, Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal and CFO Ned Segal have left the company .

Musk tweeted a long post in response to the reason for acquiring Twitter, mainly to help humans make it an open digital square and create a healthy speech environment.

This stage play in front of everyone finally came to an end. In fact, Musk couldn’t wait to change his Twitter profile the day before — chief twit .

Source: Twitter

He also posted a video on Twitter. In the video, he appeared at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters and walked into the office holding the kitchen sink. The old horse in the video grinned to the back of his head.

Twitter’s New Year’s Eve

After Musk announced the acquisition of Twitter half a year ago, Twitter employees were also worried by Musk.

Just a few days ago, Musk shouted to potential investors that after completing the tug-of-war with Twitter and successfully acquiring it, he decided to lay off 75% of its employees, which means that Twitter’s 7,500 employees will be cut to 2,000. About 5,000 people will lose their jobs like this.

There is even news that if Musk’s $44 billion acquisition fails, Twitter will also plan to lay off about a quarter of its workforce and take a $800 million reduction in salary expenses by the end of 2023.

So the fate of many Twitter employees is tied to a snap of Musk’s fingers .

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However, good things take a long time. Musk not only acquired Twitter as scheduled, but also said that he would not lay off employees.

In fact, whether Musk accepts the acquisition or not, Twitter’s employees live in unease. The layoff has been around for a long time, and it has nothing to do with Musk’s acquisition.

In any case, Musk, who did not lay off employees, asked a lot of favors, which brought great comfort to Twitter employees, and the affinity of the old horse also increased a lot.

Ordinary employees escaped disaster, but executives were unavoidable.

In addition to the CEO, CFO Ned Segal, head of legal policy, trust and safety Vijaya Gadde and general counsel Sean Edgett have also been fired.

When the deal closed, Agrawal and Segal were escorted out of Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters and never returned.

Prior to this, Twitter CEO Agrawal had some private conflicts with Musk over the Twitter acquisition. Musk even criticized Gadde, arguing that she was ineffective in Twitter’s content moderation decisions.

‘Trump’ is on the move

As the new boss, how will Musk transform Twitter?

Judging from his past remarks on Twitter, it is bound to carry out drastic reforms on Twitter.

Musk has said that Twitter’s practice of permanently banning those who repeatedly violate its rules has raised the possibility that some previously banned, controversial users will reappear on the platform.

This is why many people are looking forward to the arrival of Musk to unblock Trump’s account .

Musk said he bought Twitter so that people would have a free digital square for discussion, rather than becoming a microphone for the far left and far right, as it is now, although doing so would bring more money.

Source: Twitter

This is in line with the “ambition” Musk once planned. He fired the executives who had misled him and Twitter investors, killed the spam bots on Twitter, and prevented the platform from becoming a distribution center for bad information. Everyone has freedom of speech.

But instead of turning Twitter into a “free hell” of misinformation and hate speech, it’s about making it the most respected platform in the world.

In April, Musk tweeted that his plans for Twitter were ” ad-free ,” but the tweet has since been deleted.

In fact, before the acquisition of Twitter, Musk said that the acquisition of Twitter is an accelerator for the creation of the “X” of the universal application. According to Musk, it wants to be like China’s WeChat, which integrates payment, shopping, and discussion of various applications. application.

And Musk has expressed his appreciation and admiration for WeChat in public more than once. Next, it is not impossible to create an American version of WeChat .