Musk completes acquisition of Twitter, former CEO and CFO both resign

Zhongguancun Online News: According to foreign media exposure, Musk has now taken over Twitter, and Twitter’s former CEO Parag Agrawal and former CFO Ned Segal have both left the company’s headquarters in San Francisco.

As early as April this year, Twitter had accepted Musk’s proposal to buy it and take it private. Obligations of Twitter and Its Shareholders”. Over the next few months, Twitter and Musk continued to communicate, culminating in Musk’s reiteration of his interest in acquiring Twitter in early October.

In response, Twitter initially expressed distrust, believing that Musk was “pranking and delaying,” and the court ordered Musk to complete the $44 billion deal by October 28, or face punishment. Musk posted his vision for Twitter’s future this week: “The reason I bought Twitter is that it’s important for the future of civilization to have a common digital town square where beliefs can be discussed in a healthy way, while No need to resort to violence.”

Given that the Twitter CEO and CFO have left headquarters, Musk has likely completed his takeover of Twitter. The official announcement has not yet been made.