“Mountain goods make headlines – flavor Gansu” e-commerce agricultural assistance activity launched

Gansu Economic Daily Lanzhou News (New Gansu • Gansu Economic Daily reporter Ma Rujuan) From October 28th to November 30th, the Provincial Department of Commerce and the Douyin e-commerce platform jointly launched the “Mountain Goods on the Headlines – Flavor Gansu” e-commerce agricultural assistance activity.

This event is one of the province’s key consumption promotion season series activities, focusing on high-quality agricultural products such as “cattle, sheep, vegetables, fruit, potatoes and medicine”, taking advantage of the favorable opportunity of the “Double Eleven” online shopping festival, and empowering new business formats and new models such as e-commerce live broadcasts , to explore, cultivate and promote a group of online agricultural product brands with regional characteristics, market potential and driving effect, cultivate a group of outstanding local e-commerce talents, and continue to expand the online sales scale of agricultural products.

During the event, Douyin E-commerce and Douyin Public Welfare organized online training sessions for enterprises to help enterprises go online and access the Internet, focusing on e-commerce operations, e-commerce logistics, support policies for small and medium-sized enterprises, and platform rules. Build a good pool of mountain goods, establish a Gansu Specialty Products Museum, certify the official account of the Gansu Specialty Products Museum, build a Gansu specialty product publicity platform, aggregate display and sale of our province’s characteristic agricultural products, increase the exposure rate of agricultural products, and create “Internet-selling hot products”. At the same time, special marketing activities were carried out to help Gansu mountain goods sell well. Through the Douyin station, the topic of flavor Gansu was launched, the online “flavor Gansu” activity area was established, the hot spot in the Douyin station was created, the talents brought goods to help, and external dissemination and other forms. Promote the characteristic agricultural products in our province, expand the sales channels of agricultural products, and expand the sales scale of agricultural products.