Motorola moto X40 enters the network: equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen2 processor

Recently, information from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shows that a Motorola mobile phone model XT2301-5 has obtained the network access license.

Ten days ago, Chen Jin, general manager of Lenovo China’s mobile phone business department, posted a Weibo saying, “The experience of the high-definition portrait mode is really getting better and better.” Some netizens found that the suffix of Chen Jin’s Weibo became “Motorola mobile phone”. Asked, “Brother Jin has a new phone.” Chen Jin responded with a dog-headed expression. This is undoubtedly a hint that the moto X40 is ready to go.

Official information shows that the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 has undergone great changes in the CPU architecture. Although it is still an eight-core design, it no longer uses a 1+3+4 design, but is equipped with a Cortex-X3 super-large core and two Cortex- A720 large core, two A710 large cores and three A510 small cores form a new architecture of 1+2+2+3. The new processor still has excellent energy efficiency and good heat control, which can give the moto X40 super performance.