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Although the weather is cold now, there are still many runners who love morning running. I believe they have also experienced many benefits in morning running. For example, morning running is good for healthy life, improves time management ability, and runs in a quieter and safer environment. . Of course, if you don’t follow the scientific way of running in the morning, then the results may be counterproductive. So after talking with many runners, I have summarized some points to avoid pits. Don’t do the following 6 things when running in the morning. .

01. No rest

If you want to do everything well during the day, you must have a good night’s sleep, and the same is true for running. If you stay up late or have insomnia the night before, it will affect your morning run the next day, which will not only have a bad impact on your body, but also make you listless, so if you want to run well in the morning, start by improving your sleep.

Such as rejecting mobile phones before going to bed, drinking a glass of milk before going to bed and other small habits to improve, only by ensuring adequate sleep, can you wake up the next day to meet the running training.

02. Serious delay

This is what we often call procrastination. Many people have this bad problem. For example, they don’t get up in time after the alarm clock rings, but they go back to sleep after turning off the alarm clock. I finally got up, and I wasted on choosing running clothes for a long time, and then when it was time to go out for a run, I felt that I didn’t want to run again when I saw the time.

This kind of behavior is not convenient for us to develop the habit of running in the morning. Even if you go out for a run today, it will be difficult to persevere, and the goal will not be easy to achieve, and you will gradually lose confidence in running.

03. Don’t prepare for a morning run

There is also a kind of runner who is very casual. They always do whatever they want. After getting up in the morning, they go to prepare clothes and shoes. How many kilometers to run today, how much pace to run, where to run, in short, I won’t do any planning and preparation before running in the morning.

In fact, the real regular runners prepare their clothes and running shoes for the next day the night before the morning run, and also plan their running training. Everything is in preparation, and they get up in an orderly manner go for a morning run.

04. Never eat breakfast

In fact, whether to eat breakfast before a morning run has always been a tangled issue in the running circle. In general, I personally think that the need varies from person to person. It can be determined according to the number of kilometers of the morning run. If it is a general run of 5 kilometers, then Just drink 200ml of warm water. If your running volume and intensity are high, it is recommended to eat some foods such as nuts, bread or bananas, as long as you do not eat too much.

However, if you are suffering from hypoglycemia, don’t ignore the importance of breakfast before your morning run, and even if you don’t want to eat it, bring some chocolate or fudge in your pocket, just in case you need it.

05. No target plan

Whether your morning run is 20 kilometers or 2 kilometers, you must have a goal plan. It is best to get a calendar, mark the training schedule for this week, and write today’s goals and training methods on it, which will be more conducive to your implementation and persistence. , A runner with goals, plans and direction can run farther.

There are many people around me who run in the morning without a plan. They run randomly, they go when they think of it, and they don’t run when they don’t think of it. It seems very Buddhist, but for scientific training, it is not a good thing for health.

06. Ignore the pre-run warm-up

Especially in this cold weather now, it is even more important to keep warm before running in the morning, because after a night, the muscles of the body will be stiff, and running directly will easily increase the risk of injury. In severe cases, there will be symptoms of discomfort after running, so Everyone must remember these 6 words: do not warm up, do not run.

The best state is to do a dynamic warm-up for 5 to 10 minutes before running, and then run. Of course, stretching after the run is also very important, and don’t ignore it.

People who can get up early to run are very powerful people, at least they have firm willpower and strong self-discipline. I hope that every runner can develop good morning running habits. Don’t ignore the above 6 points, so that we can all start the journey of morning running in a healthier way.

The article is purely personal opinion and is for reference only.

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