Moonbreaker | The Art of Melee Combat – A Beginner’s Guide to Extrell

Hello everyone, I’m Gudazi~

It’s been a while since I’ve played this game, and in the current game environment, 7 out of 10 games are Astra and 2 games are Zack, but it’s hard to see Ektrier. I have been using the unpopular Aix since I entered the pit, and I found that his strength is not weak, and his instantaneous burst ability is very strong. Today, I will introduce some new ideas and bring some Aix’s personal understanding to the novice friends to discuss together.

1. Commander Analysis

Active skills:

[Shield of Hope]: 1 fee

Reduces the damage the unit takes next time by 1.

[Sword of Justice]: 2 cost

Demacia – Deal 3 damage to all units in the area.

☆This damage will not be counterattacked

Passive Skill: [Assembly]

When an opponent is destroyed, grant a random ally within range [Shield of Hope]

Compared to Astra, the wealth management monster, Akers is more like a steady commander. While making teammates harder and harder, find the right time to hit burst damage. Therefore, when using it, you must not rush into the opponent’s camp without thinking. After finding the layout of the bunker, consider advancing step by step, otherwise it will be easy for the opponent layer by layer. After consumption, I sent it before I touched anyone.

The auxiliary skills

Almost all the special skills of chess pieces need to consume costs, and reasonable planning of the cost of each round can help you win.

In the case of the same cost increase for both sides each round, the easiest thing to distance from the opponent is the auxiliary skill. Auxiliary skills only need to wait for the CD of the skills to be used, and do not need to cost extra. Therefore, each skill can be converted into its corresponding value. How to choose a reasonable skill set is also the key to winning.

At the same time, because the auxiliary skills are hidden from the beginning, the information gap can also be used flexibly to make surprises.

Personally prefer to choose the skills:

Easy to understand and easy to use, get 2 mana & 1 blood at a time in 4 rounds. It may not be the strongest skill, but it must be one of the best.

Skills that can attack and retreat. You can put it behind you in disguise to increase the moving distance, or you can push the enemy’s encirclement away, and you can also push the enemy to your side.

Overall acceleration is especially important for melee units like Axe. The CD is also relatively short. In the mid-term, you can first gather allies within the range, and then eat all of them to speed up, and the whole army will attack!

Burst skill, all damage dealt to affected units this turn will be +1. Combined with Ax’s skills, as well as [Combo] or other AOE skills, it can produce high output in one round.

Don’t underestimate this 1 point of damage, sometimes the enemy’s ranged units may only have 1 HP left to disgust you from afar. It is also the auxiliary skill with the shortest CD and is very flexible.

Of course, other skills also have their own merits, and the above are just some of my favorite skills.

3. Crew selection

Akers currently has two main sets of ideas, the face-rushing fast attack type and the iron barrel advancing type. Relatively speaking, the iron barrel-type idea has a higher winning rate, but the game time will be longer, and a single game will be 30 minutes or more.

Soldier components –

One of the most flexible and easy-to-use 1-cost monsters, you will never lose if you shoot first. After the attack, remember to move him to cover or out of range of the enemy’s attack.

It is about equal to 2 mana and 4 attacks to increase the range of movement, and the cost performance is very high.

It can limit the enemy’s melee monsters and prevent Ax from being dumped. In the later stage, you can also imprison the enemy commander to facilitate the siege.

With its own damage reduction (1 point) and AOE, the shortcoming of the short movement range can be compensated by the initial position and other pieces.

Hook the enemy over or assist your side to move, and use him flexibly.

A mid-term killer, once the snowball is rolled and combined with combos, it is very easy to kill any unit in one round, and even directly kill the enemy commander. Protect him!

Late burst core cards. buff to two no loss, three blood earned. Note that melee units include Commander Ax!

Iron barrel components——

The core chess piece in the mid-term, with no cost to return blood every round, is very cost-effective. Pay attention to clear the enemy’s AOE pieces in time, otherwise it is easy to be beaten collectively and lose blood. Note that the confinement can be moved by the claws~

The core chess piece in the mid-term, combined with the nectar monster above and Ax’s [Shield of Hope], can ignore almost all long-range damage and is as solid as a rock.

This card position can be adjusted. The purpose of carrying the guardian is to further reduce injuries and protect core units such as Tip, but she is often not used in actual combat, so you can adjust it as appropriate.

Fourth, the way of thinking

Unlike other card games, since the cost of this game can be stored at 3 points, it is not necessary to shoot monsters in the early stage.

For example, Tip can play a combo with the Inspirator, and key followers such as Li Claw should pay attention to protection.

This deck is actually relatively simple to play.

In the early stage, you can use Maximus and the executor to walk around to consume blood, find a suitable location to place nectar monsters and holy shield devices, and then set up an array around them to gradually eat away the enemy’s melee chess pieces, and then collectively advance upwards. Can.

In the later stage, pay attention to using auxiliary skills or smart hands to move.

Due to the ever-changing situation in this game, each game has different situations, so you still need to change your play style according to the situation. Don’t panic if the core monster is cleared, there is a chance to turn the tables at the last moment.

The above, I hope to provide you with some ideas~

I also hope that the warriors of breaking the moon will do better and better~