Moon Breaker Warrior: Advanced advanced explanation of the masters to master the use of these chess pieces

The Moonbreaker has been officially launched for more than ten days now, and in this short period of time, players have developed a lot of play styles and lineups, and with the increase in the number of players, the unique use of some chess pieces has also become The key to distinguish a rookie from a great god, let’s take an inventory of those chess pieces that great gods regard as treasures!


If you are a player who often hits the ladder today, there must be only two words for this card: disgusting!

Although Maximus only has 1 point of attack power, he has a rapid-fire effect, which can cause two attack damage, and the passive effect is that he can move again after dealing damage.

And Maximus, who has two passives, only needs one fee, and he can play when he draws it at the beginning. I don’t know how many rookies have been miserable by this fast-paced shooter, often hiding behind a bunker and running out One shot, and then back again, and if you go after him, you can still run and hit him desperately.


There are not many players using this pawn now, but often the players with this pawn are not too low in rank.

Mobility can be said to be the most unintuitive attribute in this game. The movement range of chess pieces varies in size, but basically they can only be moved once, and the effect of Quezari is that you can have a total of 5 times within his range. , which means that each of your five pawns can move twice if you plan to split evenly.

And if you plan to insure a single C-bit, this C-bit can be moved 6 times.

Although Quezzali’s range is not large, being able to move frequently and many times is enough for a master who is very skilled in card positions.

Talari the Inspirator

There is no doubt about the importance of double attack now, and Tarari is strong at low cost, and can add a buff to himself as a big brother with 1 cost and 4 attacks, which is enough to make many chess pieces terrified.

And because of the existence of Tip, this card and many pieces can also play a variety of matching tricks, which can directly make the opponent shout and understand in one round.


As long as he doesn’t attack, his attack power can be increased by 3 points each round. It can be said vividly: Feria who frequently attacks has no threat at all, and Feria who never shoots is Damocles on the head of the opposing commander. Sword of Sis!

Combined with Feria’s decent HP, it only takes a few rounds for this card to have more than 10 attack power, and the big guys always have various ways to make this card directly and directly at more than a dozen attack power. Ride your face to output, and send you into the soul!

Raider Ezetli

Many people commented on this card similar to Maximus: smooth and easy to use.

Whether it is attack power or HP, Izetteli is not a very top-notch one, but because of the effect of +2 attack power and agility when the Ember Stone runs out, this piece is favored by many high-level players.

There are many attributes in the game of Moonbreaker, such as attack, HP, number of actions, etc., but there are many other things that need to be explored and grasped by yourself, such as movement range, collision volume, card position, etc. . And Izetteli’s agility characteristics and 4 points of attack power are in the hands of a master, which is an invincible dagger. It can always accurately find the weak point of the opponent’s lineup, run a thousand miles to attack the enemy, and accurately tear open the opponent’s dagger. Weakness, victory.


The power of Tipu is well known, but everyone has different ways of using Tipu.

A common mistake made by newbies is that they like to protect Tipu very carefully. It is not a commander who is better than a commander. All tactics are tilted towards Tip, and finally a Tip with high attack power is obtained, but the commander is directly attacked by the opponent. The decapitation tactics suddenly dropped, and Tipu, who had a boss level, could only drink the bitter wine of defeat helplessly.

But in fact, because the rhythm of the current version is too fast and everyone knows the effect of Tipu, this chess piece currently has a hidden mocking effect. It can unknowingly lock the attention of the opponent and let the opponent completely destroy it at all costs. this chess piece. On the basis of such an environment, many masters’ opinions on Tipu are that they should sell it. As long as Tipu can attack every round after his debut, then this Tipu will not lose money!

If a Tip can chase the opponent’s commander and beat him, then even if he is finally defeated, the opponent’s lineup will be torn apart by Tip, and the commander will be scarred.


The version of the strongest king is well-deserved, whether it is a skill that costs 1 mana minus 2 mana or a 2 mana to open a breakthrough, both skills reveal two words from the inside out: powerful!

The skill of boosting morale can be said to be nothing to talk about. It can be seen as powerful. Many players must use this skill every round. If it is useless, it will be even more uncomfortable than emptying a round.

But in fact, the master and the rookie are often the second skill that is the easiest to widen the gap.

Opening the breach can remove the stun state of a chess piece. Novices use this skill to make the chess piece appearing for the first time act first, but experts can use this skill and the effect of returning to the bridge to superimpose the effect of a thousand-mile raid, or let a piece of Big Brother C doubles his shot in one round!

There are still many collocations and operations in the game of Moon Breaker, waiting for players to explore and explore. Let’s climb the ladder together and learn those stronger operations!