Moon Breaker Game Tips Master these quick steps!


After Krafton released “PUBG Mobile”, it became famous all over the world. Many players are concerned about their next moves. At the Cologne Game Show, Krafton finally announced their new game. Surprisingly, the new game did not choose the popular battle game in the traditional sense. , but announced a game type that is unpopular in the market, this game is called Moonbreaker.

Moonbreker is a turn-based strategy tabletop simulation game released by Krafton. This game is based on real board game battles. It has been improved after it has been put on the computer. It can be said to be a very interesting strategy game. , And just in time for the game to start, let’s take a look at some useful tips, master these tips, the growth speed and collection speed can be one step faster!

Quickly open the box to collect the pieces

At the beginning of the game, most of the chess pieces will be opened for free, but there are also some chess pieces that can only be opened by opening the box, but fortunately, this game does not deliberately prevent players from falling, and it can be completed with about 20 boxes. The whole collection of chess pieces, and the purchase of boxes requires two tokens. Of course, our players are more acceptable to the price of 100 Void Coins, so 20 Void Coins are required for 20 boxes.

In addition to the free gift at the beginning, players can also complete novice tasks at this position on the main interface. Each of these tasks has a reward of 100 Void Coins. After completion, almost 2,000 Void Coins can be collected. After unlocking the entire lineup Whether you build your own lineup or refer to the lineup of the Great God, you can choose more freely.

And if you haven’t finished unlocking all of them or Void Coins are not enough even after doing this, please see the next one.

Take advantage of the pass-through mode

At present, the game also has a pass like most games. The pass has a variety of rewards, and unlocking the pass reward requires the experience gained after each game to improve the level.

But of course, there are also many players who feel a little uneasy about playing the ladder as soon as they come up, and here is the recommended mode. The opponents in this mode are varied, and they can get all kinds of reinforcements. The most important thing is After the end, you can still get the pass experience!

The third level reward of the pass is 500 Void Coins, these tokens can buy five chests, plus these tokens should be able to unlock all the pieces anyway.

The three options in the clearance mode correspond to the three commanders respectively. Players can follow their own preferences and use their favorite commanders to win the game!

Make good use of card slots

In addition to the obvious difference in blood volume between the commander and the ordinary crew in this game, you can click the piece with the left mouse button to see the green circle under the piece. This is the collision volume of the piece, and the volume of the commander is significantly larger than that of the ordinary crew. chess pieces.

Because there are obstacles in every map, and such a pass, the commander can completely block the passage with one piece, and the blockage of the volume can easily surround the opponent’s key pieces when they have an advantage, forming a closed door. In the situation of fighting dogs, and at a disadvantage, you can also use the commander’s large volume to block key passes and gain breathing time for your troops.

Auxiliary skills are important

Because basically all the special skills of the pieces in the game require payment of Ember Stone as a cost, and the most important means to win is to plan the use of Ember Stone, which is commonly known as the cost. In such a situation, the easiest thing to keep away from the opponent is auxiliary skills, because auxiliary skills do not need to consume Ember Stones, you only need to wait for the CD of the skills, and free skills can also be counted as Ember Stones of the same value Model. For example, we chose Extrell as our commander, and then entered the game.

Extrell is a typical short hand and half meat, and it is easy to be hit by the opponent’s various long hands in the early stage, so the auxiliary skills to replenish the blood volume are the best for Extrell, and Ion Storm is also a Soft Control can increase the chance of Extrell surviving when he is out of focus.

Therefore, the first set of auxiliary skills is undoubtedly the best solution for Exeter. If your lineup is properly constructed, the second set of skills can also be selected.

So for Extrell, the first set of skills are typical fee-earning skills, they can play a 1+1>2 effect when they exert their effects, and play a cost value that far exceeds their model.

Prepare more than one lineup

In the current version, the two most popular commanders are Extrell and Atlas. Atlas has a steady and steady operation flow, and also has a snowball flow that pays attention to early-stage quick attacks. Extrell There is also an auxiliary flow that uses the commander as the main C to enter the enemy line, and the turtle flow that uses the Divine Shield defense device as the core.

When facing opponents on the ladder, the alternating use of different lineups of the same commander can be very confusing, because there are not many players at present, and players who have played against each other in a short period of time will meet again. At this time, if the opponent’s inertial thinking is based on your previous lineup to judge the move, then it is likely to encounter a disadvantage at the beginning.