Monza players: I’ll be back on Monday when I see someone stabbed to death in front of my eyes

  On Thursday, a stabbing incident occurred in Monza, on the outskirts of Milan, Italy. A man stabbed 5 people with a knife, killing 1 and injuring 4, including Spanish center-back Pablo Pablo, who was loaned to Monza by Arsenal. Mali.

  Mali, 29, was shopping with his wife and son at the time. At first, Gazzetta dello Sport said he was seriously injured, but Monza CEO Galliani revealed that Mali was not life-threatening.

  ”I was lucky because the deceased was right in front of my eyes,” Mari said. “I was pushing my son’s pram and I felt a little pain in my back, and then I saw a man stabbed in the throat, and it happened right in front of my eyes!”

  Mali revealed that his condition was not serious: “I’m fine, I can go back to the stadium on Monday.” However, accompanied by his wife, he was taken to the hospital by helicopter for treatment.

  Mali’s father was also terrified, he said: “Those hours were like sitting on pins and needles. The phone was on at 8 o’clock in the evening, and my heart was jumping. Veronica (Mali’s wife) did not go into detail, just said that someone died right in front of her eyes. .”