Monthly card area to open black equipment? Jianwang 3-point card monthly card dispute, Heyang big injustice works for free

“Jianwang 3” is a bit of a card server and a monthly card server. The former is calculated by online time, and the latter is a monthly subscription. Although they are played in the same game, there are still some subtle differences, such as the more efficient point card service, and the more Buddhist pensions in the monthly card service.

Originally thought that the gap between the two, in addition to the game atmosphere, is the price level. We all know that the advantage of the point card area is that some limited-time appearances are cheaper than the monthly card area. After all, there are more people and more sales, but I didn’t expect that there would be conflicts when Heyang opened a group. It’s about the black equipment of the group leader. Let’s take a look Check it out.

A player recently posted that he met a group leader with black equipment in Heyang with 10 people. From the screenshots, we can see that the group leader took a lot of equipment as his own. Then the player questioned the head of the group: Is this considered black equipment?

However, the answer was not satisfactory. The head of the group replied: I said when I was shooting, without equipment, you didn’t turn on the microphone. This player still can’t understand, can you black equipment when you start a group? Obviously, when recruiting, it only said 1.5K iron death, the equipment that no one wants is not the material?

As a result, players who eat melons and watch the fun are not calm. This is the end of the version. The head of the team must use these equipment to sell them for money. Because the party involved is in the monthly card server, many players in the card server also sighed: The atmosphere in the card area is still good, and no one is black.

However, this can irritate the players of the monthly card server. They think that the monthly card server is a material without equipment. Unless the head of the team says that the equipment that no one wants is together, the head of the team is black or inserted one by one. Everyone knows the rules of the game well, it’s not the team leader who really blames this wave, it’s because you don’t understand the habits of the monthly card server.

The party concerned was also puzzled. He often played Heyang with his 5th account. He had never seen anything like this. Isn’t everyone playing the card server for a month? Regarding the situation they said, in fact, the monthly card server now has a “sweeping boss”, that is, the materials and equipment are swept together, and many team leaders drive 10 people to earn a car of spare parts to buy gold.

The two sides have come and gone. After several arguments, many players who have ordered the card server still express their incomprehension about the issue of whether the monthly card server package contains equipment or not: This is too outrageous, and the equipment can still be used directly by the team leader. Black, what’s even more outrageous is that anyone can accept the monthly card service?

But in the final analysis, the essence of the problem lies in the acceptance of most players. It is customary in the point card area that there is no leader who is black, and black equipment is such a nonsensical rule that no one will be accustomed to him. Play the leader of Heyang. There is also a lot of hard work. Those equipments add up to a lot of money.

I have to say, I believe that many players are like me, only to know that there are still different rules between the point card server and the monthly card server. Some players ask how to choose between point cards and monthly cards? If you play every day and play for a long time, the monthly card is more cost-effective, and the point card is billed by the hour, which is naturally more efficient.

Generally speaking, the discussion on “black equipment for ten-person regiments” is still quite high. The point card area does not understand the rules of the monthly card area, and the sweeping leader directly blacks the equipment. The team is very slow, and a bunch of grievances can only work for the team leader for free.

But on the other hand, everyone takes what they need. The monthly card has always been the black equipment of the head of the team. The ten-person shooting material is only the material without equipment by default. It is not surprising that the habit of more than ten years. How do you feel about this topic?