“Monopoly 11” is online today, the game strategy is 3 minutes to get started quickly

“Monopoly 11” is online today, the game strategy is 3 minutes to get started quickly

The “Monopoly” series of works, as a strong hand chess game suitable for all ages, has been continuously innovating for more than 30 years, adding characters, gods, props, online and so on. Today, its latest work “Monopoly 11” is officially launched on the Steam platform and the Switch platform. Steam For only 66 yuan, the Switch is only 129 Hong Kong dollars, and you can enjoy a 10% discount for the first week.

Getting Started 0 Difficulty Happy Monopoly

Based on the experience of the previous game, as more and more new players join in, “Monopoly 11” provides a novice tutorial of traditional mode and hot fighting mode for newcomers who have never played the “Monopoly” series. If you experience the Monopoly game for the first time , you may wish to try the Beginner Tutorial Quick Start in the upper right corner of the launch page.

The detailed design of the map is a reflection of the production team’s temperature. The 11th generation of land markers has been upgraded to produce a Q version of land dolls and digital street signs. This work starts with 14 characters. It is a big burden for new players to remember so many characters at one time. , to relieve the burden of new players, the production team has designed Q-version land-occupying dolls for all characters, which ensures that new players can also recognize the ownership of this land at a glance, and adding digital street signs to the plot can help colorblindness and color-weakness on the one hand. Players can quickly distinguish the ownership of buildings in the same building group. On the other hand, in team mode, it can also help players quickly distinguish themselves and teammates’ buildings.

The double test of strategy and luck in the battle of the rich

In the strong hand chess game, the most basic way to buy land in a circle and upgrade the house to collect rent is very mature, and the “Monopoly” series innovatively designs different map forks to increase the randomness of the game. In some maps of the new “Monopoly 11” The innovative organ system presents new challenges to the strategies of the rich. You can skillfully introduce the opponent into your own territory or avoid the opponent’s territory by opening and closing the organs.

The offense and defense of building special buildings around seizing large plots is the most thrilling part of the Monopoly series. Use modification cards to transform large plots of opponents into parks that are harmless to humans and animals, or destroy them through demolition, monsters, missiles, etc. Building is what we do well (Friends Simulator). In this work, there are old buildings such as commercial centers that are common in the “Monopoly” series (which charge a lot of rent to opponents), and big hotels (which can force opponents to stay in hotels and vacations although they do not charge a lot of rent). 3 new large buildings have been added. The effect of the new bookstore is that when our members leave the store or mysterious people, there is a chance to get cards. The more teammates, the better the effect. Tips: Bookstores are a good helper for challenging bosses. The effect of adding an energy center increases the opponent’s payout when they buy a card, and you can earn a huge amount of money when you stay in the energy center. More new and old buildings look forward to your construction experience.

On October 20th, it will be launched on Steam and Switch at 11:00 a.m., with a 10% discount for the first week. Don’t miss it.