MoM growth, OPPO ranked the top two domestic smartphone shipments in Q3

Zhongguancun Online News: Today, Canalys, a market analysis agency, released a report on China’s smartphone shipments in the third quarter of 2022. Although overall shipments have rebounded compared to Q2, reaching 70 million units, there is still a gap compared to the same period in the past few years. Among them, OPPO (including OnePlus) increased against the trend month-on-month after optimizing the inventory level, and shipped a total of 12.1 million units, rising to the second place on the list.

Analysts at Canalys said that at present, the demand of domestic mobile phone users is weakening, so domestic mobile phone manufacturers are focusing on the direction of high-end breakthroughs. In August this year, OPPO officially released the smart cross-end system Pantanal, which aims to connect different devices, systems and services, improve the seamless connection capability of devices, and build human-centered ubiquitous services.

For example, OPPO has jointly created OPPO Carlink technology based on Pantanal and car companies, allowing services to flow seamlessly between mobile phones and car machines. For example, the navigation on the mobile phone is seamlessly transferred to the car screen, and the mobile phone’s computing power is integrated by calling the car camera to bring an immersive AR navigation experience. In addition, based on context awareness, the address information in the message can be converted into a service recommendation card, making the navigation experience easier and smarter.

With the blessing of Pantanal, OPPO will work with more developers and partners to create a rich and prosperous open ecosystem that everyone can participate in, and realize a smart life with seamless flow of smart devices for users.