Moisturizing attack, the rate is unstoppable, “The Shore of the Earth” teamed up with L’Oreal to push the moisturizing suit for men

Every man has a Three Kingdoms dream in his heart.

Recently, the Chinese original oriental war strategy game “The Shore of the Land” joined hands with L’Oreal Men, a professional skin care brand for men, and launched a rich customized linkage suit during the Double Eleven. Holding hands with L’Oreal this time, L’Oreal Hope can use the brand’s attitude as always to infect the big boys who are strategizing in the war, and redefine and narrate young people’s views on heroes.

This group of boys who fought on the shore of the soil, they adapted measures to local conditions for victory and strategized for opportunities. L’Oreal men provide them with a professional and comprehensive skin care experience. Through the simple and efficient skin care trilogy, it will bring them a refreshing and moist facial state, and stimulate the majestic power of handsome men. Whether it is in the game or outside the game, this group of The boys will all be unstoppable as the precursors and masters of that era and this era.

Consumers who buy this linkage moisturizing set can not only get L’Oreal men’s ace product – L’Oreal men’s moisturizing set – amino acid cleanser, moisturizing toner, moisturizing moisturizing milk, but also can get linkage limited gift box and limited paper hundred scenes, super rate The combination of the two powerful generals “Cao Cao” and “Zhuge Liang” is a limited edition laser stand and laser bookmark.

In the gift box, there are not only the physical surroundings, but also the avatar frame and dialog box specially customized for L’Oreal men in this collaboration, so that the “lords” can feel the power of water when they chat. Run attack. At the same time, the gift box also comes with the [four-star] generals and basic resources in the game, so that players can also equip and blessing in the game, and the rate is unstoppable.

All interested players, remember to go to Tmall [L’Oreal Men’s Official Flagship Store] at 20:00 on October 24th or search directly on Tmall for [L’Oreal Men’s Land Moisturizing Set] to get a limited linkage set.