Mobile game publisher revenue list in September: Haibi Network broke into the TOP 10, and “Bombshell” accounted for 81% of its global revenue

On October 11, Sensor Tower announced the revenue rankings of Chinese mobile game publishers in the global App Store and Google Play in September.

In this issue, a total of 42 Chinese manufacturers are shortlisted in the TOP 100 global mobile game publisher revenue list, attracting a total of 1.88 billion US dollars, accounting for 38.3% of the global TOP 100 mobile game publisher revenue. The detailed report is as follows.

Special note: This report only counts publishers’ revenue, and does not include third-party Android channels in China.


Top 30 Chinese mobile game publishers by revenue

This issue of Mihayou’s “Yuan Shen” and “Honkai 3” ushered in the 2nd and 6th anniversaries respectively. Driven by these two games, the revenue of Mihayou’s mobile terminal in this issue increased by 5% month-on-month.

Thanks to the market performance of the new game “Survivor!.io”. The revenue of Haibi Network increased by 70% again, and the ranking advanced by 9 and entered the TOP 10. Among them, the product ranked 6th on the best-selling mobile game list in South Korea in September, and contributed 81.3% of the publisher’s global revenue.

In September, the revenue of the mobile game “Ask” and “Obi Island” under Thunder Games increased across the board. At the same time, the launch of the Korean version of “One Thought” made the publisher’s revenue increase by 21% month-on-month, advancing 4 places to 11th in the ranking.

With the launch in the U.S. market, the revenue of the RPG mobile game “Legend of Secrets: Shenmu Ruins” increased again, contributing 50% of the revenue of 4399 games in September. The publisher’s revenue thus increased by 19% month-on-month, and the ranking advanced 3 places to 23.

On the basis of the 92% month-on-month growth achieved in August, the mobile game “X-HERO”, a mobile card placed by Glacier Network, rose again by 87% in the current period. The publisher doubled its revenue in September and made it to No. 26 on the list for the first time.

Zhuohang Network launched a new card game “Infinite Magicraid” in overseas markets in early September, and its revenue increased by 44% month-on-month, returning to the top 100 mobile game publishers in the world.

In addition to the list, the Chinese mobile game publishers that are shortlisted in the global revenue TOP 100 are Palm Fun Technology, Polk City, Xinghe Interactive Entertainment, Zenyou Technology, Xinxin Network, Yale Technology, Friendship Time, Mattel163, Competitive World, Zhuo There are 42 manufacturers including Hangzhou Network, Youzu Network and Youku Shengshi.


China’s App Store mobile game revenue TOP 20

In addition to Haibi Network’s “Bombshell” which was successfully shortlisted in the list, Tencent’s “League of Legends Mobile Games” and NetEase’s “Onmyoji” also performed prominently in the domestic market in this issue. The former’s revenue in September increased by 52% month-on-month, ranking sixth in the income list; the latter’s revenue increased by 122% month-on-month, returning to the 12th place on the list.

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