Mlxg and Uzi analyze that RNG stops in the top eight! G2 jungler Jankos posted a job search

1. G2 jungler Jankos posted a job search

After the G2 World Championship stopped in the top 16, Jankos, who accompanied G2 for five years, announced his departure from the team. Jankos tweeted about job hunting: I am still under contract and after five years at G2, I am allowed to start my new option in 2023. It’s been a long and bumpy ride at G2, but everything needs to come to an end. If you are interested in me, please contact me.

With the departure of Jankos, the original team of G2 who won the MSI championship, now only the mid laner Caps is still in the team, and the rest are transferred to other teams. Maybe G2 and Jankos are separated, and both sides can play a new style.

2. Uzi analyzes the match between RNG and T1

Uzi’s analysis of the quarter-finals before the game is as follows: JDG has a 90% probability of defeating RGE, and RGE has a small probability of winning a round. If RNG adjusts to a normal state and is evenly matched with T1, this may be the BO5 that RNG is most likely to win against T1.

Seeing that RNG was sealed by T1, Uzi also sighed for the RNG players: I thought the new crown would not affect the game, but I didn’t expect it to have such a big impact on the state of the RNG players. I regret that I couldn’t compete with T1 in full state.

Uzi also expressed that he has high hopes for Gala, and believes that Faker is not as good as Xiaohu now. Wei and Oner can compete in the wild area. Although Zeus is very strong on the road, as long as Gala performs well, RNG still has a chance to advance. Unfortunately, the operating environment of Gala is poor, RNG Mistakes in coordination and decision-making have also occurred many times.

3. Mlxg and Zzr commented on RNG’s second round of Jian Ji should not be in a group

After the game, zzr analyzed that the key to RNG’s loss to T1 was that the second game was overturned, and the third game lost their temper, and everyone played more casually.

The reason why the second game was overturned, zzr thinks that there is a problem with RNG’s decision-making, Xiaohu should not TP to fight the ancient dragon group, and the sword girl of the breathing brother should be TP and Xiaohu to go on the road together, others stay positive, there is a chance to end the game in one wave .

Mlxg felt that Brother Breath was too much for the team, and Jianji Bingxin didn’t play a big role in playing a group. Jianji should be restrained by a single lead, follow the operational route, and not give T1 a chance to hold a group and pull.

In general, from the perspective of God, RNG should not fight the ancient dragon group, nor should they be obsessed with the spirit of the dragon to let go of the dragon, and Brother Breath does not need to be a team, but the situation on the field is changing rapidly, and the players are not clear. It is also a normal phenomenon, and these can only be reflected on later to prevent recidivism.

4. The LEC will change to a double-elimination-like format in 2023

Foreign media revealed that the LEC will change the competition system in 2023, mainly in the following four points:

1. Changed from the previous two seasons of spring and summer to three seasons and the finals

2. The schedule for the first three weeks of each season is the same as before, with three days of play a week and four days off

3. The top eight teams in each season advance to the knockout round to play BO3, and the top four teams advance to the playoffs to play BO5. The GSL (similar to double defeat) format is adopted.

4. The finals will be held in August, with a total of six teams participating

The European Division did not perform well in the World Championships this year. One team fell in the play-in match, two teams fell in the round of 16, and RGE, which advanced to the quarter-finals, suffered a zero seal against JDG.

Perhaps changing the format can stimulate the potential of the LEC region, just like the LPL’s double-elimination format, looking for stronger teams to advance to the World Championship.