Miss Uzi! After JDG was eliminated by T1, WE Strawberry posted: I miss Uzi, and JDG was ordered to the bottom of the road

In the semi-finals of the S12 World Championship, JDG lost to T1 with a 1-3 record and was eliminated and stopped in the top 4. After the game, JDG’s bot lane duo was questioned. The main reason was that in these four games, the bot lane was at a disadvantage, and they couldn’t beat the lane. They often made mistakes before team battles to give opportunities, especially AD player hope, who made many inexplicable mistakes. . After the game, WE top single Strawberry directly complained on Weibo: I miss Uzi.

Strawberry posted the following. After JDG was eliminated, he tweeted bluntly: The bot lane was exploded, alas, I miss Uzi. Later, he added in the comment area: 369 tried his best, and JDG’s bot lane was ordered.

Judging from the whole BO5, 369’s performance must have been the best. He is the best player in laning and team play, and he has played a lot of wonderful maneuvers even in disadvantaged situations. He has killed Zeus many times, supported the bot lane on foot, played around the team and cut to the back row. He really did his best. Many people ridiculed that JDG lost after the game, but 369 did not lose. It can also be regarded as a recognition of the performance of 369 in this game.

And JDG’s bot lane was really exploded. The T1 bot lane duo are in better shape first. Whether it’s laning or teamfights, the T1 bot lane duo’s thinking is very clear, and JDG has made many mistakes, giving a lot of inexplicable opportunities, especially Hope in the first In the second and third rounds, whenever I feel that JDG is coming back, Hope will always send a wave. Secondly, the hero pool of the T1 bot duo is also wider. JDG can’t get the policewoman, and they dare not let Gumayusi get the policewoman. At the same time, this combination of Luciana Mei also plays well in the T1 bot. In general, there is still a large gap in the strength of the bottom lane.

And what Strawberry said about missing Uzi is actually the voice of many people. Mainly when uzi was there, the LPL bot lane rarely had such a big disadvantage, maybe uzi didn’t win much against SKT, but the bot lane really didn’t suffer from this kind of anger. And this year’s LPL’s four ADs did not perform well in the World Championship. JKL’s performance was sluggish when playing Vietnam. Viper faced Deft’s frequent mistakes. Gala was also invisible again in the World Championship. In addition, Hope was blown out by T1 for 4 consecutive games. , everyone misses Uzi’s appearance when he takes the lead in the bot lane and plays an advantage, and it is very understandable.

However, Hope is only playing Worlds in his first year, and since he is still young, he should give young players more opportunities to grow. For example, Gumayusi also played poorly during the MSI. After returning to the LCK, the summer split was still a breakthrough for the team. Who would have thought that the World Championship would be back in shape? So I hope that the AD players of the LPL next year can stand up and restore the ranks of the LPL bot lane again!

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