Minorities speak up! Wang Meng: Use naturalized players to treat the symptoms but not the root cause

  Beijing time on September 15th, as the Chinese men’s basketball team lost the Asian Cup this summer, the discussion on whether to use naturalized players has gradually heated up recently. Su Qun, Yang Yi, Shu Hai, Zhao Huanyu, Zhu Yanshuo and other media people have Expressing support for naturalization, support for naturalization has become mainstream among speakers. But there are also people who oppose it, and basketball media person Wang Meng is one of them.

  ”After talking about the Chinese basketball soil yesterday, many friends asked if they supported the Chinese men’s basketball team using naturalized players. (I) did not support it.” Wang Meng expressed his attitude as soon as he came up.

  Afterwards, Wang Meng explained the reasons for his opposition to naturalization: “The reason is very simple. Before we do something, we must think about why we do it and what purpose we want to achieve. Then naturalized players What is the goal to achieve? Or, what problem is Chinese basketball trying to solve now?”

  ”If you, like those in charge, feel that performance is the most important thing, then there is no problem for us to naturalize. After all, basketball is not the same as football. A good basketball player can solve many problems. Moreover, many countries in the world are naturalizing. , why don’t we use the rules that others use.” Wang Meng also admitted that naturalized players can indeed improve the strength of the national team.

  Wang Meng continued to analyze: “But why don’t I support it, because I think naturalized players are doctors who have a headache and do not solve the fundamental problems, not only do they not solve the fundamental problems, but also more likely to give the motivation to solve the fundamental problems. Continue to be weakened. People like to do easy things, when you have a shortcut to take, why do you work hard to change the foundation and change the soil.”

  ”This matter is different from the commodity era. We don’t have to grow our own fruit if we want to eat it, we can just buy it. But basketball is different. The poor performance of the men’s basketball team reflects the problem of China’s basketball soil, and it reflects the problem of physical education. Question. Have young generations of young people received correct basic basketball training and the dissemination of basketball concepts in the process of growing up? It reflects that we are not pursuing victory or defeat in sports and growing day by day in healthy competition. Naturalized players will definitely be able to Quickly improve the strength of the team, that’s good, the masses are satisfied, and the leaders are happy, and then change the foundation, will the motivation to do well from the foundation continue to be weakened? Again, let’s think about what we want what.”

  (Do not forget the original intention)

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