Microsoft adds money! Blizzard’s “World of Warcraft” mobile game project resurrected? Hiring Character Concept Artists

At the beginning of August this year, Blizzard announced the mobile game of Warcraft jointly developed with NetEase. The development was terminated because of differences in the concept of cooperation between the two parties, and then the news of the new generation of Warcraft mobile game “Arc War” was announced. Many old players subconsciously believe that Blizzard no longer has the ambition to develop genuine MMO mobile games. But just recently, according to the recruitment information on Blizzard’s official website, Blizzard has not given up the entire Warcraft mobile game project, and is actively preparing for the resurrection.

According to the job posting, Blizzard continues to recruit a senior character concept artist with experience in the industry to assist the team in developing a Warcraft IP mobile project that has never been made public. The important responsibility of this person is to use art assets produced by external partners, be good at cooperating and communicate with external artists, and have the ability to explain the character creation concept of internal designers, pass it on to external partners, and guide them to make clear revisions .

Judging from this information, this is obviously after the termination of the cooperation with NetEase. Blizzard is liquidating the art resources in the process of cooperation between the two parties to prepare for the development of the genuine Warcraft mobile game. According to previous netizens, Blizzard will develop the Warcraft hand from NetEase. The tour’s 100-person team was canceled.

(The news of the termination of the cooperation of Warcraft mobile games)
In other words, Blizzard is indeed preparing to resurrect the Warcraft mobile game project, and may have found new external partners, so a high-level artist is urgently needed to assist them in character design communication, so that this project can proceed as scheduled. If we combine Microsoft’s gaming CEO Phil Spencer’s remarks in previous media interviews that “the acquisition of Blizzard is because of their ability to make mobile games”, it is clear that the restart of the Warcraft mobile game project this time is very likely. It is because of the injection of Microsoft’s ability to banknote that Blizzard has the confidence to regroup.

In short, Blizzard’s ability to make Warcraft mobile games is definitely good news for players. I just hope that this game can be different from Diablo Immortal, and don’t continue to sell gems.