Metaverse becomes popular, and online K-songs become a new trend in Southeast Asia – Shengwang analyzes the RTE scene

On October 27, the RTE 2022 Real-Time Internet Conference Media Day was held in Beijing. Shengwang released the first professional book “Real-time Vientiane” focusing on analysis of application scenarios in the real-time interactive industry. A preview of the highlights of the 8th Live Internet Conference, held online from November 1-4.

At present, real-time audio and video are rapidly popularized in all walks of life, but as early as 2015, the evangelism of real-time audio and video technology was still in a state of “three noes” in China, namely: no industry conferences, no professional books, no professional media and communities.

In this context, the newly established Shengwang introduced the webRTC conference into China in 2015. In the second year, Shengwang independently held a real-time Internet conference, and insisted on meeting once a year.

At the media day, Shengwang released the first professional book “Real-time Vientiane” focusing on the analysis of application scenarios in the real-time interactive industry. The book mainly contains three core contents:

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1: In-depth analysis of nearly 200 scenarios of real-time interaction: The book introduces in detail the real-time interaction scenarios in the fields of pan-entertainment, IoT, education, finance, medical care, enterprise collaboration, and industry, and further analyzes the technologies for real-time interaction in different scenarios. It brings more inspiration and new perspectives to developers and entrepreneurs.

2: Multi-dimensionally revealing the audio and video big data of Shengwang: For the first time, the big data of terminal equipment using RTC in seven regions of mainland China, the Middle East, North America, South America, Europe, India, and Southeast Asia is revealed, including the list of TOP30 models of RTC usage in each region, The proportion of RTC usage of low-end machines in each region, the overlapping rate of terminal equipment in each region, and the proportion of commonly used networks for equipment, etc., provide corresponding strategies for developers and enterprises going overseas for their local business layout, model adaptation, and performance optimization.

“Real-time Vientiane” also analyzes the correlation analysis of audio and video freezing rates on user business indicators in scenarios such as chat rooms, game voice, werewolf killing, 1V1 video calls, live shows, e-commerce live broadcasts, and video blind dates. , which shows the impact of audio and video stuttering rates on the user’s channel stay duration and the RTC retention rate in different scenarios.

3: 2022 Global Regional RTE Scenario Hot List: The book uses a picture to show the popular RTE scenarios and innovative scenarios in different regions of the world, providing new scenario ideas for overseas enterprises. For example, last year’s “online karaoke room” was just one of the emerging scenarios in mainland China. This year, it has spread to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other regions, becoming a local emerging scenario. At the same time, “Metaverse” is developing very fast in Japan and South Korea. It has become a popular scene in this year’s TOP1 from an emerging scene last year.

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At the media day, Lu Bingsong, deputy director of the Tel Terminal Laboratory of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, and Peng Xiaohuan, vice president of Shengwang Marketing, awarded the license to the real-time interactive joint laboratory jointly established by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and Shengwang.

Zhang Rui, director of the Intelligent Product Evaluation Department of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology’s Tell Terminal Laboratory, also shared the progress of the real-time interactive joint laboratory in standard construction.

He said, “The real-time interactive standard system is divided into two parts: general standards for audio and video experience and scene standards. The general standard is an evaluation framework that combines the communication capabilities of real-time audio and video and user experience, covering audio and video experience, subjective and objective evaluation. The scene The standard will be more integrated with practical applications, establish multiple network simulation scenarios, real-time interactive system network adaptability in various network environments, and evaluate end-to-end experience.”

At present, the general standard for audio and video experience is aimed at audio and video. From the software level and the hardware level, four books have been formulated, namely “software application audio experience”, “software application video experience”, “audio terminal hardware performance” and “video terminal hardware performance”. standard.

The scene standard will first focus on the innovative scene of mature video conferencing and smart doorbell door lock. These two scene standards have also been strongly supported by Shengwang ecological partners Kingsoft Office and Espressif. According to Zhang Rui, the four series of general standards for real-time interactive audio and video experience will be officially released in November.

At the media day, the MOU signing ceremony between Shengwang and the United Nations Population Fund was also held. Dr. Kang Jiating, the representative of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in China and the director of the United Nations Population Fund in Mongolia, said at the signing, “Real-time interactive technology allows us to Interaction on any program, anytime, anywhere, it enables more women, young people, and disadvantaged groups in the world to receive high-quality information and help just like offline face-to-face. In the next two years, the United Nations Population Fund will Continue our partnership with SoundNet to leverage real-time interactive technology to achieve positive social change and support young people’s access to health, education and entrepreneurial opportunities.”

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The signing of Shengwang and the United Nations Population Fund also means that Chinese technology companies have gained more recognition in the process of going overseas. In the future, Chinese enterprises will also participate more and more deeply in the process of globalization, and take on more global tasks in terms of corporate responsibility.

At the end of the meeting, Qian Lei, director of the public affairs department of Shengwang, also shared how Shengwang innovates a new model of corporate responsibility through real-time interaction from the aspects of safety compliance and stimulating innovation.

In terms of security compliance, in the past year, Shengwang has cooperated with national think tanks such as the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, and participated in the construction of real-time audio and video, SDK security, smart dual recording, children’s watches, smart TV and many other industries and application-related standards. , to promote the development of industry compliance.

Focusing on stimulating innovation, Shengwang has also continued to launch the RTE Innovation Programming Challenge and the Supersonic Plan, encouraging developers and entrepreneurial partners to build more real-time interactive innovation scenarios, and providing entrepreneurial partners with various resource support.