Metal Slug Awakening: Which of the nine weapons is the best to use? The flamethrower and the boxer?

In Metal Slug Awakening, weapons can be divided into nine types, namely Flame Cannon, Ice Spray Gun, Heavy Machine Gun, Bazooka, Sniper Rifle, Gatling, Flying Saw Launcher, Combo Shotgun, and Boxing Gun.

Each weapon has different qualities, from green to blue, to rare and epic, and the gap between them is relatively large. However, within the same quality, the performance of weapons in battle is also different.

Today, let the editor take you to understand the weapons with the best combat effects!

When it comes to the best weapons, it must be the flame cannon and boxing gun, both of which have very powerful output. In particular, the flame cannon has its own penetrating effect. One blow can penetrate the subsequent enemies continuously, causing high damage, and the damage received by the enemies behind will not be reduced. It can be said to be a powerful weapon necessary to break through.

The boxing gun is also in a similar situation. It can penetrate to the enemies behind, but the range is closer than the flame gun, and the damage will not be weakened much.

So flame cannons and boxing guns are definitely the best weapons to use. Compared with them, the rest of the weapons are quite obvious.

For example, the sniper rifle can also deal penetrating damage, but the damage of the sniper rifle will drop a lot when it hits the second target, which is only half of the previous enemy. Compared with the flame cannon, the damage does not decrease, which is worse a lot of.

Others, such as heavy machine guns, have no penetration effect, and the rate of fire and attack are not bad, while the ice spray gun mainly has a good control effect, and its damage is still weak.

The combo shotgun does good damage, but hits too close to enemies further away, while the bazooka does explosive damage, but has a short range and a small reload. As for the flying saw launcher, it can continue to attack for a period of time after shooting, but the burst is weaker, and it is relatively easy to use for hitting huge bosses.

Generally speaking, the flame cannon and boxing gun are the best to use, and the rest of the weapons are almost the same, with the exception of Gatling.

This can be said to be the most hip-pull weapon, mainly because of its low damage and touching. Gatling has the fastest rate of fire, and the attack is a barrage of bullets, but the damage is too low, and there is no penetration effect. When cleaning up mobs, it is really uncomfortable, and it is not even as good as a heavy machine gun.

Therefore, when friends choose weapons, it is recommended to choose flame guns first, boxing guns second, and Gatling at worst.

That is really a weapon that who chooses who regrets it!