Metal Slug Awakening: How to fight the weapon modification station? If you want Samsung to pass the test, you need to keep in mind two points

In the awakening of Metal Slug, after the player’s weapon is upgraded to level 40, a breakthrough is required, and every time the player upgrades to level 10, a breakthrough is required. Every breakthrough can unlock stronger abilities, and the materials needed for breakthroughs must be obtained at the weapon modification shop. The initial weapon modification workshop is very easy to fight, after all, the player’s combat power exceeds a lot, and you can easily spend it by playing casually.

However, it will be difficult to play in the later stage, especially the 3-star rating is very difficult to obtain. The main reason is that the requirements for combat power are relatively high, which is a bit difficult for ordinary players to meet. There are often two-star or one-star clearances. Therefore, the editor will tell you two key points today. After completion, the chances of Samsung passing the test can be increased.

Of course, there are some players who think that it doesn’t matter if you don’t get 3 stars to pass the level. Anyway, you need less breakthrough materials, as long as you manually play a few times, you can easily get enough.

But what about the next level? In the arcade carnival, if players want to unlock the next level, they must reach 3 stars to pass the previous level. Therefore, players still have to work harder to complete the 3-star pass.

So, back to the topic, the focus of wanting Samsung to pass the level lies in two aspects, one is to block attacks, and the other is to pull the hatred of monsters.

When faced with the attack of miscellaneous soldiers, the first thought of most players is to dodge, which is a wrong behavior. The attack of miscellaneous soldiers does not seem to be high, but it also does a lot of damage to the shield of the base. A few hits in a row can break through the shield, which makes us lose the three-star evaluation.

Therefore, when encountering miscellaneous soldiers who are too late to clean up, and seeing his attack, we have to use heroes to block and block the opponent’s output. That way bullets won’t hit the base and shields won’t decrease.

The second way to pull hatred is to face elite monsters and even the final boss. It is mainly to get close to that kind of monsters and constantly attack them for personal output.

Then the monster’s aggro will be attracted to the hero, and he will attack the player first, regardless of the base.

At this time, we need to lead the monster to the corner on the side for output, to prevent him from using a range attack, and it is not good to hit the shield next to him. After all, the output of elite monsters is much stronger than ordinary mobs. If you don’t pay attention, the 3-star review will be gone.

So, have you guys learned it?