Metal Slug Awakening: How to choose the hero’s accessories and equipment?

In Metal Slug Awakening, heroes’ equipment can be divided into three types, namely weapons, armor and accessories. Among them, the armor basically comes from the hunting plan. Ordinary armor provides defense and health, the status bonus of the two attributes, and this is also the most basic attribute.

When the armor equipment reaches the orange quality, two additional random attributes can be added, or attributes such as block resistance, crit resistance, and hit rate and block rate. The added values ​​​​are all increased in the form of percentages , the feeling is still very good. Therefore, in terms of armor, players only need to choose according to the quality and level. Anyway, the higher the quality level of the armor, the more attributes will be added, and there is no need to consider other things.

Then there are weapons. Weapons are mainly upgrades and cores, as well as star upgrades to improve combat power, and this is where the most effort is required. Upgrading is the easiest, you can upgrade by playing enough reinforcement materials and breakthrough materials. As for the core, you need to work harder in joint operations, and the final star upgrade is the most difficult, and you need the same weapon. Ordinary players don’t have to think about it for the time being, it’s better to focus more on the core.

Of course, the improvement of weapons is also the fastest way to increase the player’s combat power. After all, defense can be compensated by evasion, but the output really depends on weapons.

As for the last accessory, it is unique after all. It is generally obtained from treasure digging. Each accessory adds an attribute according to a percentage, such as critical strike rate, defense ignorance, hit rate, etc. The increased percentage does not Not high, but there is a gap in the middle. As a result, the increased combat power of each accessory is not the same. For some hero-specific accessories, the increased combat power is not as good as that of other heroes’ accessories.

That’s right, what I’m talking about here is Marco’s exclusive accessories, and the difference in increased combat power is still relatively large. It can be seen that Marco’s triple thunder fire and explosive gas have a combat power of 133 in the middle, but they are both a bit worse than Mile’s smart core. However, the main thing to look at is the bonus to skills, not just the attribute and combat power bonus. Besides, the bonus of accessories to these two aspects is not too high.

Therefore, when choosing accessories, first choose from the exclusive aspect, and then choose from the combat power aspect. The same exclusive accessories, whichever increases the combat power higher, choose which one!