Meta to launch its next consumer VR headset in 2023 for around $300

This year can be said to be a very lively year in the Metaverse. Major manufacturers have released new VR/AR products one after another. This month, Meta, the industry pioneer, also cut off Apple and released its first flagship virtual reality device Quest Pro. Not only that, On Meta’s latest earnings call, outgoing CFO Dave Whener said the “next-generation consumer-grade Quest VR headset” will launch “late next year,” which will be the consumer-grade follow-up to the Quest 2. , although the name has not been announced, but it is expected to be Meta Quest 3.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg told analyst Ben Thompson earlier this month that the new headset is in development and could cost between $300 and $500, or about 2,154 to 3,590 yuan. This also means that the new headset is a consumer-grade headset and will be more in line with the previous Quest headset. After all, the price is much cheaper than the $1,499 Quest Pro.

While the Quest 3 may be cheaper than the Quest Pro, there are signs that the Meta Quest 3 may include some elements of a high-end VR headset. According to previous reports, the Quest 3 may have a “Pancake lens” similar to the Quest Pro, which can reduce the thickness of the device.

There is not much information about Meta’s new headset at present, only that the device is under development, but according to the situation when Quest Pro was developed, Meta should also have a lot of news exposure in the process to promote, It shouldn’t take too long for the news about the new consumer-grade headset to be released, let’s wait and see.