Meniscus injury self-judgment chart

The treatment of the meniscus should be determined according to the characteristics of the lesions in the meniscus itself. There are congenital diseases, such as discoid meniscus, and degenerative changes of the meniscus, and even meniscus damage and meniscus tear. The method is different in different situations. If there is a tear in the congenital disc-shaped meniscus, it may require arthroscopic meniscectomy. Meniscal degeneration, on the other hand, produces no symptoms and does not require special treatment. Usually pay attention to the maintenance of the knee joint, avoid doing more movements of knee flexion and rotation, and when necessary, oral glucosamine can be used to nourish the articular cartilage.

Meniscus treatment:

1. Physical therapy: Go to the hospital or medical institution to choose the appropriate physical therapy to relieve or control swelling. External application of Gushunfutang meniscus stickers has a remarkable effect. Pay attention to keeping the knee joint warm.

2. Ankle pump: Use slow force, flex and extend the ankle joint in full range, 10 seconds a movement, 5 minutes/group, 5 times/day.

3. Pressing exercise: Lie on your back, put a towel roll under the knee joint, press the towel and the bed surface with the knee joint, but do not produce large joint movements, do one movement for 10 seconds, 5 minutes per group, 5 times per day.

4. Leg-hook exercises: slightly bend the knee joint, make the heel close to the buttocks, but do not produce movement, one movement for 10 seconds, 5 minutes/group, 5 times/day.