Meniscus Injury Physical Test

The meniscus is an important physiological structure in the knee joint, which is divided into medial meniscus and lateral meniscus. This usually needs to go to the hospital for an examination, and there is no way to judge.

In terms of drug selection, the suggestion is to use Gushun Fu Tang Meniscus Shuluo Pain Pain Paste, and dig Baoyou, which can reduce inflammation and relieve pain and promote the recovery of surrounding tissue functions as soon as possible. Patients can also take Indomethacin, Luo Fencodeine tablets and other oral drugs for treatment. Also pay attention to a certain amount of rest.

The menisci are two meniscus-shaped fibrocartilages that play an important role in supporting the rotational movement of the knee joint and are usually attached to the tibial plateau. According to the severity of the injury, the meniscus injury can be divided into 3 degrees, 1 degree is mild injury, 2 degree is moderate injury, and 3 degree is moderate injury. Full thickness tear of the meniscus.

Pay special attention when exercising at ordinary times. During the pain period, you need to press and fix the knee joint, the range is about 10cm up and down the knee joint, so as to reduce and prevent the impact of friction and force during joint activities. Do not walk in a fatigued state during the day. Walk around, and start activities after the joints are warm and responsive. Use elastic straps or knee pads for necessary protection when moving vigorously. If you need to go up and down stairs, you need to pay more attention. You must concentrate on going up and down the stairs, and step on the first step. After stabilization, take the second step, and if necessary, wear knee pads to prevent re-injury and aggravate the condition. When resting, try to keep the straight position and avoid bending activities. In addition, on the basis of treatment, infrared physiotherapy can also be done appropriately, which is helpful for the recovery of the disease.


During the treatment period, the patient must pay attention to prohibiting exercise to avoid aggravating the injury or causing chronic inflammation. During the recovery period, the functional exercise should also be carried out gradually. Patients and friends are requested to maintain a good attitude, to maintain a stable attitude and patience, and do not rush for success, to avoid the opposite effect and get twice the result with half the effort.