Mengya becomes the strongest shooter in S29! Zhang Daxian blows wildly: play Mengya well and easily become the king

Everyone knows that since the S29 update, many players have turned on the top score mode. Now that S29 has passed for a while, and many players have also touched the routine. Especially these days, champions are being retuned, buffed or nerfed with every update. This has caused many players to feel that it is really difficult to score points in the shooter position. Playing a shooter requires a lot of difficulty, you have to have a good awareness and a good positioning. In addition, hero selection is also very important.

Although the shooter position is more difficult to score than other positions, it does not mean that the shooter position cannot be scored. Many players may have thought that the strongest shooter in the S29 season may be Marco or Garro. Yes, these two shooter heroes are really strong, but Zhang Daxian gave another answer in the live broadcast. In the S29 season, the strongest shooter should be Meng Jia. Compared with the traditional AD shooter Meng Jia is more meaty, and it can take a little damage in team battles, at least not so easy to be cut to death.

Displaced shooters in high-end rounds are indeed more likely to survive, but Meng Ya has a super-high movement speed by virtue of his own passive and sprinting, which is not inferior to any AD shooters with displacement, so this is also satisfied with its high-end performance. Utilization rate in the game. To sum up, Mengya now has three relatively unique advantages. The first point is that Mengya has a particularly high movement speed in the late stage, that is, flexibility and mobility, and has a good output position in late team battles. The second point is that Meng Jia is a bit tanky, and it is not easy to be cut to death in team battles. The third point is that Mengji has a super high output ability.

Therefore, in the current version, it is really no exaggeration to say that as long as you play Mengya well, you can easily become the king. Of course, the official has also enhanced Hou Yi before. Although Hou Yi is a hero with high damage in the later stage, his biggest disadvantage compared to Meng Yi is that he has no displacement. It’s especially easy to be killed in teamfights, so that’s why it’s hard for Hou Yi to play in high-end games. But then again, it’s not an easy thing to play Mengj well, you must not only practice the corresponding skills and connections, but also have the corresponding positions.

So what do you guys have to say about this? Discussions are welcome.