Men are born more prone to cancer than women! The real reason behind it has finally been found

Cancer is also “preference to women”. Men are more likely to get cancer than women in general. Whether it is morbidity or death, men are higher than women. Today, October 28, is World Men’s Health Day , so let’s talk about this topic.

For a long time, as the so-called “powerful group”, men’s health issues do not seem to have received enough attention and attention. “Men’s tears are not easy to play” is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In fact, under the strong appearance of a man, it is very likely that he is vulnerable.

Cancer demons also seem to be “pity fragrant and cherish jade”. The probability of women getting cancer is generally lower than that of men, and even if they do get cancer, common or frequent cancers in women, such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, thyroid cancer, etc., either have good treatment effects, or The biological behavior itself is good, and the prognosis is good. Men are not only more likely to get cancer, but with the same cancer, men have a worse prognosis and a higher mortality rate.

Why are men more likely to get cancer than women? It is generally considered to be nothing more than the following:

(1) The traditional male society has been inherited, and men have assumed more social responsibilities and roles, and men generally have greater work and life pressure. (Of course, more and more women are now going to society, bearing the same social responsibilities and roles as men, and the pressure is also increasing, which will inevitably increase the probability of women getting sick).

(2) Men have more bad habits and lifestyles than women, such as smoking and drinking, staying up late, eating and resting irregularly, and overeating. In a word, men are more “work”, which increases the probability of cancer .

(3) Unlike women, men tend to pour out bad emotions. They like to keep things in their hearts. Men don’t like to cry because they are imposed by external forces. Long-term suppression of themselves may also increase the risk of disease…

All of the above are of course also present in women, but the proportion of men seems to be higher. What we are talking about here is probability.

The occurrence of cancer is the result of the interaction between environmental factors and gene/genetic factors, and external environmental factors still play a role through internal factors.

There may be a deeper underlying reason why men are more likely to develop cancer than women, namely natural gender differences.

Some studies have found that men are prone to cancer, which may be blamed on the male-specific Y chromosome. Mosaic deletions of the Y chromosome (LOY) in peripheral blood cells may be responsible for a higher risk of cancer and higher mortality in men, according to a study of more than 1,000 adult men. At the same time, the researchers tested the effect of mosaic LOY on patient survival in 982 subjects (all non-cancer patients at the time of enrollment), and the results showed that after a median follow-up of 8.7 years, men with LOY Men without LOY lived an average of 5.5 years shorter and had a higher risk of death from non-blood cancers.

In addition, studies have found that men’s Y chromosomes continue to be lost as they age. Obviously, with age, the risk of cancer also increases.

The Y chromosome may indeed play a special role in the pathogenesis of cancer, but the specific mechanism of action is still unclear. The Y chromosome is a male-specific sex chromosome, so can’t men escape the arrangement of fate?

of course not! Internal factors only provide a possibility, whether it is good or bad, whether it will eventually become a reality, external environmental factors are also very important, and may even be more important. Note: the so-called external environmental factors refer to factors other than genetic factors. All the factors, not only to be understood literally as just referring to environmental pollution.

Except for a few geniuses, the success of most people depends on acquired efforts rather than innate so-called smart genes. The same is true for cancer prevention. Changing unhealthy lifestyles is the most necessary thing for men to do, and it is also the most effective! The first thing to do is to quit smoking and limit alcohol! Act now.

Men should learn to decompress, not to stick to the outdated traditional concepts of so-called “men don’t cry easily” and “men can’t stand when they are sick”, early diagnosis and early treatment when they are sick, learn to vent, and learn to release. Cry, cry, man, it’s not a sin.

Men are born with a bad “life” (different from women, the Y chromosome is unique to men, it is innate and cannot be changed), so it is even more necessary to do better the day after tomorrow, to change those things that can be changed factors to reduce the risk of cancer as much as possible.