Meizu lifeme smart camera Pro review: compact use with excellent picture quality

Not long ago, Meilan held a press conference with the theme of “New Life in Autumn”, and released a series of smart products based on the lifeme series. Now, with the rise of online office and live delivery industry, the demand for smart cameras is also increasing day by day. Recently, Meilan officially launched a new lifeme smart camera Pro.

In terms of appearance design, the Meizu lifeme smart camera Pro adopts a simple design style. Except for the white circle around the camera and the logo with the word “lifeme” below, the rest are pure black color matching, and the visual integration has been greatly improved. good show. The entire camera weighs 167g, and it is quite compact and portable for external use.

This smart camera can not only be hung directly on the monitor, but also has a threaded interface at the bottom of the camera, which can be used with various tripods. The camera also supports 135° up and down adjustment and 360° horizontal adjustment, so it can flexibly adjust the shooting angle. To adjust, just connect the USB Type-C interface on the back of the camera to the computer and it can be used without installing any driver application.

The hardware specifications of the camera are also quite powerful. The equipped image sensor is a Sony IMX581 with a 1/2-inch outsole of 48 million pixels. This CMOS supports four-in-one pixel binning. In addition to CMOS, the camera is also equipped with 6 pieces of professional optical lenses and 42 layers of anti-glare coating, and the video supports up to 4K30P video recording. Since the hardware specifications of the outsole CMOS are quite capable, the picture presented by the camera has its own WDR wide dynamic range effect. You don’t have to worry about beauty issues during live streaming.

There are also 4 small holes arranged horizontally on the front of the camera. They form a 4-microphone array, and the pickup distance can reach 7 meters, so the camera can perform 360° all-round pickup work. This technology allows the camera to intelligently recognize the noise in the environment, and then filter it through an intelligent algorithm, so as to obtain a clearer voice communication effect.

It is worth mentioning that this camera also supports intelligent tracking and auto-focus functions. The camera class can achieve shooting effects in single-person tracking mode, multi-person conference mode and panoramic mode through gestures. When facing the camera with the left hand “eight” and the right thumb up gesture, the camera will turn on the single-person tracking mode. The AI ​​intelligent tracking function allows the photographed person to be located in the central area of ​​the screen, and the online communication screen will be more comfortable. nature. Moreover, in this mode, the function of object tracking can also be realized. When holding the object with both hands and reaching out to the lens for 2-3 seconds, the focus of the picture will turn to the object in front for close-up shooting.

The panorama mode shooting is started by placing a “eight” gesture in the left hand and the right hand. In this mode, the screen will be switched to the original screen size. For example, when shooting in a vertical 9:16 screen, it will enter this mode by default for shooting. .

The operation gesture to turn on the multi-person conference mode is left-hand “eight” and right-hand “five”. In multi-person conference mode, the camera will automatically adjust the size of the screen according to the position of the person within the field of view, and shoot in the default 16:9 horizontal screen. , the camera will shoot in this mode by default.

Small and portable, simple and practical, and excellent picture quality are the main highlights of Meizu lifeme smart camera Pro. It can be seen that the small and beautiful Zhuhai factory also has a unique vision in the design of smart cameras. This product is worth considering.