“Meat Knife Flow” Kai father rises, with more than 15,000 health points, and team battles are easy to play one-on-three

In Glory of the King, Kai is a warrior hero with very simple operation. When the passive skill and the second skill only hit one target, it will cause an extra 50% damage. Therefore, when Kai fights a crispy hero, it basically takes two knives. That’s it, because of the extra damage. The hero of Kai basically has no operations, which is very suitable for the kind of brainless players. No matter whether you win or lose, you must play Kai’s father’s aura when playing armor. As long as you have a big move in your hand, you can just use the big move to chase and cut.

In actual combat, many friends like to play Kaihuang with pure output, or Kaihuang with crit flow. If Kaihuang is in the lead in the economy, one knife is crispy, two knives are a warrior, and three knives are a tank. This kind of feeling is really in the hands of Kaihuang, and I have it in the world. The crit flow Armor King has its advantages, but the disadvantages are also very obvious, that is, the sturdiness is average, and the Armor King’s hand is relatively short, if you touch the enemy, you can usually kill the enemy, but many times the enemy will be killed by the enemy. Kite pulling. At this time, the armor without the advantage of frankness would be at a disadvantage. To this end, the great player has developed a set of “meat knife flow” Kaifa’s gameplay. The health value exceeds 15,000 points, the damage is enough to be crispy in seconds, and the team battle is easy to fight three times.

So, how should Meat Knife Liu Kai Daddy play? Let’s take a look together. Recommended inscriptions: 10 Fate, 10 Void, 10 Harmony. Recommended builds: Patrol Axe, Resistance Shoes, Crimson Cloak, Violent Armor, Guardian of the Night, Gorefiend’s Wrath. The inscription provides 1162 maximum health points, which makes Kaidi start very strong. The patrol axe is commonly known as the “meat knife”. It provides 700 points of health bonus. Every time you kill a monster, you can also get 20 points of health bonus, up to 20 layers. When 20 layers are stacked, an additional 600 points will be added. maximum health. So the meat knife alone can provide up to 1700 max health.

The meat knife not only provides high health, but also provides continuous damage and slowing effects. When Kaidi’s skill or basic attack hits the enemy, it deals 100+5% additional HP damage to the enemy every second, and reduces the enemy’s movement speed by 40 points. Therefore, the price/performance ratio of the armored meat knife is very high. Because the armor itself has no ability to retain people, the slowdown of the meat knife and the deceleration effect of the first skill can help the father to retain people better. When a skill hits an enemy, it can cause a 80% deceleration effect for 1 second, and it will also gain a 30% movement speed bonus. If it is not for the archers with displacement like Marco Polo, Sun Shangxiang, and Gongsunli, it is generally difficult to escape the pursuit of armor. kill.

The red lotus cloak is also the flexibility of the Meat Knife style. It provides 240 physical defense points and 1000 maximum health points. Passive skills will cause 2% of the maximum health to the enemy every second. The core of the meat knife style is the armor. enough meat. When the equipment is formed, the health value exceeds 15000 points, and Gulian’s passive can cause more than 300 points of damage to the enemy every second. If it’s a team fight, Kai Dad can deal damage to multiple enemies, and this damage contributes a lot to team battles. The Violent Armor can increase the damage of the emperor, and at the same time improve the mobility of the team battle, making the clinging ability of the father stronger. Finally, the Wrath of the Bleeding Demon can be used again when the blood is left, which can make the enemy collapse instantly.

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