[Material Review] Edifier Hua Zaiguang Cool Energy Speaker NEW-X Review: Symphony on the Desktop

Today’s contemporary young people have more new demands for desktop electronic consumer products. The Edifier Huazai brand has keenly captured the new demands of the young consumer group, so it has recently brought a new integrated solution for young people – the world’s first light-cooled energy speaker NEW-X, this The product makes full use of the limited desktop space, bringing RGB lighting effects and wonderful sound to young players and friends, and can also solve the needs of charging digital accessories.

Unboxing: This is too cool!

Edifier Huazai NEW-X speaker is a speaker product specially designed for young people. After the product is connected to the power supply, as the light inside the speaker lights up, my colleague next to me involuntarily said, “Wow, this is also So cool!” Of course I felt that way too. The overall design of Edifier Huazai’s NEW-X speakers is inspired by game water-cooled chassis and cool shipping containers. The two huge sounding units are directly exposed on the front of the speaker, with a very wild style. The sound unit is inlaid on the front transparent acrylic material panel, and the transparent material is also designed with reliefs similar to the water cooling pipes and water cooling heads in the chassis. The speaker box part combines the concave and convex design of the container surface, and the screen printing of the Edifier English logo is also designed on the top of the box. This product perfectly integrates technology and trend in appearance design.

Another highlight of this speaker is the addition of RGB “light pollution” for today’s young people. Edifier Huazai NEW-X speaker is equipped with TempoEmo emotional rhythm lighting effect, which can express the changes of music with lighting, and also supports users to freely customize through the official APP to create their own lighting show . The user can match the frequency and loudness of the sound with the color and brightness of the light, and the lighting effect of the speaker also supports changing with the rhythm of the music.

In addition to supporting user-defined lighting effects, the product also presets seven lighting effects: magic tide, breathing rhythm, emotional rhythm, dynamic meteor, solid color static light, Ambilight, and extended mode. In addition, there are more cloud lighting effects that users can choose from. If you want to be more quiet, this speaker also supports monochrome display, and about 16.8 million colors can be adjusted through the APP. Edifier Huazai’s NEW-X speaker combines the above-mentioned transparent materials, embossed patterns and light reflection principles, so that the product can show a different aesthetic when the lights are turned on and off, so as to show the player’s desktop. The decoration is more in line with the modern desktop aesthetics, and it also brings a strong sense of impact to the user’s vision.

Everyday use: The world’s first speaker with built-in GaN charger

In the layout of the buttons, the Edifier Huazai NEW-X speaker is equipped with three function buttons (two of which are integrated with knobs to adjust the function) and a main power switch on the back of the speaker. The three function buttons of the speaker are all designed on the right side of the fuselage, namely the power/input source switching button, the play pause/sound mode switching button with integrated volume adjustment knob, and the light mode adjustment button with integrated light brightness adjustment knob. In terms of interface configuration, this speaker is not equipped with very “old-fashioned” interfaces such as optical fiber and coaxial, but is equipped with USB input and AUX input interface more commonly used by young people on the back. This setting is more suitable for the needs of young people.

On the basis of supporting traditional wired input, Edifier Huazai NEW-X speaker also supports the latest Bluetooth 5.3, and also supports LDAC lossless audio Bluetooth transmission encoding, which can allow up to 990kbps bit rate, 24bit/96kHz high resolution Audio content is transmitted via Bluetooth. It is worth mentioning that this speaker also has Hi-Res double gold certification, which has a good guarantee for sound quality. In actual use, the Bluetooth connection speed of this speaker is very good, and the connection is completed immediately after power on. And when Bluetooth is used as the input source, the connection between the speaker and the device is very stable, even if it is used through the wall, there will be no signal loss, and the delay of Bluetooth transmission is also within an acceptable range.

Edifier Huazai NEW-X is the world’s first multimedia speaker with built-in 35W TurboGaN gallium nitride desktop charging module, which can quickly charge multiple digital accessories at the same time, which is conducive to the storage and management of complicated cables on the desktop. This speaker is equipped with a USB-A port and a USB-C port on the side. The maximum output power of the A port is 18W. If you want to recharge the device that supports fast charging, you can choose a maximum output power of 35W. C port. In addition, this speaker is also equipped with a number of technologies to improve the experience of charging. Edifier Huazai NEW-X supports FTFC full-time fast charging technology, which can maintain fast charging speed at all stages of the charging process, with higher charging efficiency, and is not afraid of the problem that the charger will heat up and cause the charging power to drop. In addition, in terms of safety, FTTC’s full-time intelligent temperature control technology is always escorted. The product is designed with a heat dissipation structure, and can be monitored and intelligently controlled through software to ensure product safety. Edifier Huazai NEW-X also has SPA intelligent power distribution system, which is compatible with mainstream output protocols and compatible with most devices. “Born for speed, born for safety” printed on the side of the speaker can be regarded as a high-level summary of the charging function of this speaker.

sound quality

For a speaker product, the most important thing is its sound quality performance. Edifier Huazai NEW-X is equipped with a 15W 1-inch tweeter, matched with a 25W 3-inch mid-bass unit, combined with the MazeTube maze The inverter system, combined with the TurbMuff airflow noise suppression technology, can greatly reduce the turbulence and wind noise of the inverter tube, and further enhance the low-frequency performance of the speaker. In addition, this speaker supports full DSP digital processing, which can easily deal with various types of music. Of course, the hardware configuration is only a part, and the quality of the tuning will also directly affect the sound quality performance. The tuning of this speaker is done by Edifiers with 26 years of audio tuning experience. This also made me curious about the sound quality of this speaker.

For the subjective sense of hearing, the Edifier Huazai NEW-X speaker brought me a big surprise, such as the excellent output power of this speaker, balanced tri-band performance and high-quality sound details. Taking the daily use scenario as an example, it is difficult for ordinary portable speakers at this price on the market to cover a space of 50 square meters, but the total output power of this speaker can reach 40W, which can perfectly cover a listening environment of 50 square meters or even larger.

In terms of three-frequency performance, the Edifier Huazai NEW-X has a relatively full low frequency, with a certain depth and volume of diving. For classical music and pop music, it can have a relatively good performance; in the intermediate frequency, the number of people of this speaker is very clean and mellow, with distinct layers, and it is also very durable. Although this speaker is a mono design, it can also have a good sense of sound field, which is worthy of recognition; in high frequency, the sound of Edifier Huazai NEW-X is bright and open, and it also has a certain degree of wear and tear. Permeability. In terms of analytical performance, this speaker has high sound quality. As mentioned earlier, Edifier Huazai NEW-X is a mono speaker, but the various instruments and vocals in the sound field of this speaker They are all independent and clear, which to a certain extent shows the level of Edifier’s professional tuning.

In general, the Edifier Huazai NEW-X speaker has a very balanced three-band performance capability. This speaker can have a more realistic restoration ability for most types of music, and can also bring good listening performance. , considering its positioning, I think the performance of the sound part of this speaker is very satisfactory.

write at the end

Edifier Huazai NEW-X breaks the inherent traditional speaker design style, adopts a more radical and younger design style, and combines the three requirements of desktop RGB light pollution, desktop near-field listening, and digital device charging into one. It provides a brand new desktop audio solution for today’s young consumer groups. After the overall experience, it is not difficult to find that if you are a young person who wants to pursue trends and like new things, then I think the world’s first light-cooling energy speaker, NEW-X, may be a product specially created for you.