Master the 4 essential core steps of makeup, girls can sleep a lot more time in the morning!

Contemporary women pay more and more attention to beauty, and makeup has gradually become a trend. More and more women are starting to wear makeup when they go out, and many workplaces are now requiring female employees to wear light makeup to work. Therefore, for women, getting up every morning , the most important and time-consuming thing becomes makeup. However, many people have to work overtime every night until late at night because of their busy work and heavy workload, and can’t sleep until late. Therefore, getting up early and putting on makeup has become a burden for them. So, in order to solve the problem of both beauty and more sleep, I will introduce some necessary makeup steps here, learn these most useful steps, and let you sleep for 20 minutes more while you are beautiful!

1. Appropriate base makeup

As the name suggests, base makeup is the foundation for the subsequent makeup look. Base makeup can even out skin tone, cover dullness, adjust and brighten skin tone. If you have a lot of blemishes on your face, your skin will look smoother and clearer after applying makeup. If you have darker skin, but pursue a fairer complexion, you can also use makeup to improve your complexion. For oily skin, choose a liquid foundation that controls oil and dryness. For dry skin, choose a liquid foundation with more moisturizing ingredients. Choose a liquid foundation that suits you. It can be fast and effective when applying makeup.

2. Eyebrows

Many people ignore eyebrows and think that it doesn’t make much difference whether they are painted or not, but it is not. Eyebrows are very important to a complete and good-looking makeup. In fact, eyebrows are more representative of a person’s spirit. Once eyebrows are drawn, the whole person’s eyebrows and eyes will immediately become more charming. will look more energetic. In addition, eyebrows can also reflect a person’s makeup temperament. If you want to follow a small and fresh Korean style, you can choose to draw Korean thick and flat eyebrows. If you want to follow a domineering European and American style, you can choose to draw more heroic raised eyebrows, of course. If you are a handicapped party, I think that eyebrow tattooing is also a good choice!

3. Eyelashes

Many people think that brushing eyelashes is not a necessary step for makeup, but in fact, brushing eyelashes is very important. Thick and long eyelashes can visually enlarge the eyes, make the eyes look more energetic, and give people a feeling of piercing eyes. If the eyelashes are relatively short, try to choose a long version of mascara when choosing mascara to lengthen the length of the mascara. If the eyelashes are sparse, choose a thick mascara when choosing a mascara to make the eyelashes look thicker visually. And the editor personally thinks that after the eyelashes are brushed and thickened, there is no big difference between applying eye makeup or not, because the eyes have been enlarged and become more spiritual through the steps of brushing the eyelashes!

4. Lipstick

Lipstick is the soul of a makeup look. Many people’s lip color is too light, so when they don’t wear lipstick, they will be slightly morbid, giving people a feeling of lack of energy. Similarly, there are also many people whose lip color is too dark and tends to be black and purple. Usually, if you don’t wear lipstick, it will give people a feeling of poisoning, and lipstick is the best “good medicine” to improve these two situations. And different lipsticks can be matched with different makeup, giving people different feelings.

The above 4 makeup steps are the most important and useful steps in makeup according to the research institute. You can learn and do these four makeup steps well, and you can do it without the need for blush, contouring, and eye makeup. Oh beautiful! For more makeup skills, come and see more at the Research Institute~