Marvel vs. S12 Raiders: How greedy people are, the more cards they have! – Sharing by Rubber Hill Fire Reinforcement Thorn

Marvel vs. S12 Raiders: How greedy people are, the more cards they have! ——Rubber Hill Fire Reinforcement Thorn Sharing 1. Preface

Yes…. This is a set of cards that you don’t need to read the content carefully to see the number of buffs in the title stack. You know that you are very greedy and greedy. If the definition of “greed” in a general card group lies in three cores, then The core of this deck will be as many as four… (The front row will explain that the essence of the pen-greedy deck is to float a huge upper and lower limit . Before playing, be prepared for high blood pressure, and important occasions such as ladder calamity and Use with caution in various competitions)

The mysterious code


Change it on your own if you have the Reinforcement Skill

3. Explanation of key single cards

①Mr. Fantastic (Eraser Man): At the end of the S11 season, the new card express was just released. Everyone saw Eraser and was only attracted by the wretched smile. Not many people thought how supermodel he was. Only when the upper limit is reached will we know how supermodel this guy is, then Where is the supermodel, as long as the supermodel is playing naked = Steel Patriot + Ultron’s Revenge, which takes effect immediately and can be repeated many times, the cards with the highest purchase priority in the whole system belong to two cards that can barely play four cards. nucleus in nucleus

②Universal armor: The universal system long abandoned by the version has been reborn after the addition of the rubber. Although the expansion of the universal body is still not large, the advantage is that it can double the expansion speed of other cards, which belongs to the same category as the rubber. The center of a set of greedy multi-core decks, whether it is focusing on C Ika or C wildfire or both, it is inseparable from the omnipotent that provides an increase in the center.

③Steel Patriot: Play and find a 4/5/6 fee card, yes, there are 4 cards that can be played repeatedly with the rubber to gain a lot of economy and combat power, so the Patriots in the universal rubber system are bought and played. For sale, do not perform the operation of upgrading the star and then playing , unless you have a dream of finding a 56-cost core to come to the night patrol, remember that the Patriots just made a special analysis post when the Patriots came to the national server, and analyzed the Patriots and found them useful. The probability of a card is greater than 50%. Interested friends can find it and see how many are the best purple cards.

④ Big Ika: The core of the reinforcement system. In the early stage, cooperate with other reinforcements to increase the combat power while earning money. Later, after pulling six, use the Skuru to suck a big Ika and bring it to the resurrection cabin. You can buy reinforcements Skrull in the shop on the turn to add a big wave to Ika . But please keep your eyes open, now is no longer the era when Ika was a must a few seasons ago. If Ika doesn’t appreciate your face, let’s resolutely pull the five-use inspiration to find it. If it’s already in the late stage and you haven’t come to Ika, then you don’t need to force it. , simply give up Ika C. Other systems belong to two orange cards that can play four better cards.

⑤Voodoo Doctor: Bringing the US Shield or the Silver Shield to cooperate with the fire of Weishandi is really super cool, and it is also the lifelong enemy of the hyperactive red tank and the hyperactive octopus. You can get it in the first four rounds. With the Mordo doll, you can stabilize your blood. After you buy voodoo, you can buy a mountain fire. Although we are a pen-greedy card group, we can’t use the dull pen to operate. Bring one to avoid interference and inspiration, and you can pull it full. Accelerating the promotion of people in the early and mid-term , each has its own advantages and depends on personal habits.

⑥Night Watch: Iron Man’s four-cost card slot other than Patriot did not choose to fill up the ultimate like most decks, but brought Night Watch, which has the advantage of reducing the burden of inspiration and the ancient one of the night watch natural enemy mage in the later stage. And Cersei of the Cersei system and various cores of the various lineups found by the Patriots.

4. Skill Priority and Partial Analysis

The four defeat skills are considered in the case of three defeats or two defeats but the health of the blood and the confidence to make four defeats, otherwise the priority is T3

T0 (0 pieces and no brains to take): Reinforcements from the sky, the power of Agama Moto (the worst case guarantees bad points)

T1 (2 pieces): God’s power, full firepower (the bonus provided by a large number of characters playing repeatedly is also very impressive), Eternal Titan

T2 (4 pieces): extremely fast movement, suspended cloak, technological advancement (if you can’t touch the omnipotence, it is a big loss, so it is low), genius creation

T3 (4 pieces have to be considered carefully): Supreme Mage, Vaturu Wand, War Armor Upgrade, Eternal Energy

5. Operation rhythm and cost-up timing

I divided the operations of the first four rounds into two types:

①On the first round, the shop only swiped one combat card (that is, except for the equipment event), and the cards in the second round were not satisfactory. At this time, I chose to be beaten in one round and flew directly to 4 books to find the eraser to find Ika . The era when anyone who finds an eraser will be fooled.

②In the first round or the second round, the non-locking of the store is enough to spread the field, then we choose to play steadily at this time. In the third round, we will stop in three books for one round to stabilize the combat power, and in the fourth round, we will start the search with four books.

The fifth round stopped at the four books to stabilize the combat power, and continued to search for rubber Ika and voodoo. The mountain fire did not take the voodoo until the voodoo was found.

The sixth round is about to start five books and start looking for Magnum and Inspiration. It doesn’t matter if Ika Voodoo is late, it’s really over for Magnum and Eraser, so do n’t stop four for Ika , it ’s not worth it

Around the ninth round, when the blood volume is almost stable, you can prepare to go to the sixth round. Find the Skrulls and the resurrection pod to make Ika’s figure Duang Duang swell, and when the vs Cersei system, find Cersei for the night patrol

6. Aftermath

The name is greedy multi-core deck, but in fact, because of multi-core, it avoids the blood pressure of a certain C card. The upper limit is very high, and the operation difficulty is also relatively high. Six records are also common (yes, I came here like this), if you have good ideas, please add them in the comment area