Marvel duel | 68 consecutive victories on the king, S12 beats various rubber card groups “Tianlin Sijiang” to share

Marvel duel | 68 consecutive victories on the king, S12 beats various rubber card groups “Tianlin Sijiang” to share

The S12 ladder has become [Eraser Showdown] again, and the eraser completely suppressed the performance of many other decks. If you want to stabilize the score, either join the rubber lineup or find a deck that restrains the rubber. The four generals of Tianlin are just specializing in all kinds of big-figure decks:

Advantages of [Tianlin Four Generals]: It specializes in all kinds of large-sized decks, and it is completely valid in the early and mid-term. In the later stage, there is a night patrol against all-purpose, and it basically wins all kinds of rubbers.

My trumpet recently rushed to the king with a 68-game winning streak with [Tianlin Four Generals], first look at the screenshots:

1. Card group code (copy directly to the group card interface to use):


Second, the card group screenshots:

3. Skill selection: The skills of this deck are similar to the strength of the deck. The general principle is: which skill has the highest economic benefit. The economic benefits of several skills of the shock team are very good.

(1) Spider Web Warrior:

With an average of 10 rounds per game, Spider Web Warrior can save about 12 gems per game.

(2) The Will to Surprise:

This skill is generally used when there are more than two must-buy support cards in the fourth-level store, and it can save about 6 gems per game on average.

(3) Energy burst:

Energy Burst is a very useful skill to filter the deck. As long as this skill is selected, buy the shocking character card from the store every round and use the skill to filter it out. It can speed up finding the key card. Note that this skill can only be used on characters. card usage.

(4) The Galaxy Calls:

This skill can get a large number of four generals to play cards. If you choose this skill, you can often train a four generals with a few hundred stature in the later stage, and the survival rate is greatly improved, because most of the neutral four cost cards now have rubber and blood. , there is no location for Mbaku and explosive traps at all.

4. Operation details: (1) The first two rounds:

1. Play steadily in the first two rounds and get the highest combat power. Generally, in the first round, you will not use the starting recruits or football robots. Lock the store for the second round, otherwise you will lose combat power in the second round.

2. In the second round, upgrade to the third-level store. Basically, the second round will not refresh the store to go to the blog. Our blood volume is very precious and we cannot take a little risk.

3. If the “Sacred Beast” is refreshed in the first round, it is generally not bought. After buying the other two cards, lock the store and wait for the second round to buy the magical beast, otherwise you will lose two consecutive rounds of combat power;

(3), the third and fourth rounds:

1. In most cases, the third and fourth rounds stay in the third-level store to find the divine beast. The probability of finding the divine beast in the third-level store is 1/7, and the fourth, fifth and sixth stores become 10. Even if you find the other four generals in the fourth-level store, it is no use without the divine beast.

2. If you are lucky, there are divine beasts in the first three rounds, and the third round is still full of combat power, you can refresh the store to buy unlocked cards. At the beginning of the fourth round of the “preparation phase”, you will be upgraded to the fourth-level store in advance.

(4) After upgrading to the fourth-level store:

1. You can stay for a long time in the fourth-level store. You can buy it when you meet the fourth general. You can buy all kinds of secrets after you have a beast. Buy three secrets and get one “Tianlin Divine Power” ultimate card.

2. After buying Qinglong, remember to wear a S.H.I.E.L.D. communicator or moonstone for her. Under the premise of no assassination, Qinglong will always be placed in the first position, and Zhanhu will be in the second position:

3. If you are lucky and Zhanhu finds Fenghuang in advance, when at least three of Qinglong, Zhanhu, and Fenghuang are present, you can upgrade to the sixth-level store and directly find “Tianlin Divine Power” and Fenghuang plus more buffed.

4. If the luck is very bad, and Zhanhu has not been able to refresh Fenghuang, in most cases, you will choose to upgrade to the sixth-level store when the cost of upgrading the store becomes 0 (often the eighth and ninth rounds). Just keep buying secrets in the fourth-level store and find a few more “Tianlin Divine Power”.

5. Another time to raise five:

(1) There are already divine beasts, and there are at least Qinglong and Zhanhu on the field;

(2) Under the premise of (1), when you can upgrade the four-star blue dragon, war tiger, and divine beast, you generally choose to upgrade to the fifth-level store first, and then get the sixth-level store reward card, because there is no fifth-level store in this card group. key card.

(6) After upgrading to Level 6 store:

After upgrading to the sixth-level store, the key is to buy Tianlin Divine Power and Fenghuang. In addition, it depends on whether the remaining opponents have Hela. If there is no Hela’s support, there is no witch temptation. At this time, you can sell the Venom Maze to stun Spider-Man wears the Mimic Master Shield. There is a high probability of getting the first move.

5. Operational details against various card groups: (1), Against the Rubber Reinforcement Universal:

In the mid-term, when the rubber reinforcements in the fourth-level store were omnipotent, they did not assassinate them. At this time, they were generally:

1. Put the dragon wearing the equipment in the first position;

2. The second position of Zhanhu:

3. The Venom Mystery Demon is placed in the last position,

In the later period, after encountering the omnipotent rubber reinforcements:

1. Buy the almighty night patrol, as long as there is no almighty assassination, all the followers on the opposite side are not afraid, and thousands of Ikas are also lost in seconds.

2. If you don’t buy Night Watch and Universal, you need to guess the position of the opponent’s Universal. In most cases, the opponent’s Universal will assassinate the first position, so we need to put the most irrelevant Strong Armor Xuanwu in the first position. The dragon with equipment is placed in the second position.

3. If you buy a stun Spider-Man, you must put it in the first position, let him attract firepower to win the first move.

(2) Against wildfires:

1. If there is an almighty assassination on the opposite side, try to patrol the almighty at night first;

2. After confirming that the first position is safe, you can put the poisoned Fenghuang (wearing the resurrection sword as much as possible) in the first position and let him kill the voodoo doctor first.

3. The second position is often a dragon with equipment.

(3) The finale of the four defeats against Hela:

1. Hela’s final act generally only buys one witch temptation. Remember not to use spider silk jets in Hela’s final act. Use Venom’s Deathrattle to deceive the opposite witch’s temptation, and then the other followers will be killed one by one.

2. If the final scene of Hela is formed, you need to wear resurrection swords for Zhanhu and Fenghuang as much as possible, and then sell out the soul exchange of the event pool, and put the divine power of Tianlin directly into the event pool. The final scene of Hela formed by four Tianlin divine power + resurrection sword is not weak;

3. Commonly used positions: boldly put Qinglong in the first position, Zhanhu in the second position, Venom Maze in the sixth position, and the fifth position often use stun Spider-Man to deceive Armpit Hair Man to earn the stun effect.

4. If you have a chance to get a Suter by touching the star, you will usually get it. After the Night Watch Suter, hitting the end of Hela is like hitting a child.

(4) Against a deck with multiple witch temptations:

1. Phantom Miles is placed in the first position, Ultimate Spider-Man is placed in the second position, Qinglong is placed in the third position, and the last position is Venom Maze;

This play can perfectly deceive three or four witches on the opposite side;

2. In this case, the position on the field is generally not enough, and the Xuanwu can be sold. Under the premise of the War Tiger buff, the strong armor is optional;

(5) Against the spider Circe: a deck with multiple witch temptations:

1. Night Watch + Ultimate Spider-Man can be perfectly restrained. You must pay attention to the next opponent at any time. Usually, you will stock up a Night Watch in your hand in advance;

2. As long as there is a spider on the opposite side to assist, generally put Zhanhu in the first position and Qinglong in the second position to prevent being disarmed;

(6), against the forming Dormammu and the magic

These two decks are the decks with the highest ceilings in this game. In addition to these two decks, Tianlin Si will have certain advantages in playing other decks.

6. Summary:

[Tianlin Four Generals] The key to this deck is the control of the operation rhythm. I remember that before the beast is found, the third and fourth rounds will stay in the third-level store. In most cases, staying in the fourth-level store is strong enough. , unlike other decks that need a certain key card very much, even if there are no divine beasts, only the battle tiger and Qinglong in the mid-term are relatively powerful. The biggest advantage of this deck is that it is not afraid of any big-sized decks, and the mid-term does not At a loss, there is a psychological game in the later stage, and there are night patrols against various natural enemies. Students who don’t want to play rubber, you can try this set of [Tianlin Four Generals] for higher scores.