Market “Barometer”: This month, these are the best sellers in Yiwu!

Looking for heating supplies and festive supplies, you still have to come to Yiwu Small Commodity City.

According to statistics, in October, BenBen’s backstage collected more than 48,000 procurement leads ; a total of 7,000 buyers participated in the consultation, and 5,450 operators responded to the quotations 21,100 times , with a response rate of 44%.

【Trend change in October】

❶The activity of market quotations has increased significantly

As of the end of October, the “Yiwu Purchase Festival” came to a successful conclusion. During the event, market operators actively responded with quotations. According to statistics, the average daily number of shops participating in quotations in October increased by 35% compared with August, and the activity of shop quotations increased while enhancing the interaction between Benben’s products and market operators.

❷The demand for purchasing leads for heating supplies has increased significantly

Purchasing leads in the three categories of daily necessities, craft accessories, and beauty and makeup were the mainstream demand leads in October, accounting for 53% of the total purchasing leads.

Among the purchasing leads of daily necessities collected this month, the demand for purchasing leads involving keywords of heating products increased by 150% from September, and the demand for products such as hand warmers, thermal shoes, cotton slippers, and thermal underwear increased significantly.

❸Festival supplies are in peak season

Festive supplies and accessories packaging have become the most active foreign trade hotspots in the market this month.

According to background statistics, the demand for foreign trade bulk goods accounted for 32% in October. Among the hot categories for finding goods, the five categories of children’s clothing, mother and baby, personal care and home cleaning, accessories packaging, festival supplies, and beauty and makeup have become the hot commodities in foreign trade this month.

Among the hot categories of purchasing clues collected by Benben Looking for Goods in October, the market stores have the highest number of views on daily necessities, handicraft accessories, and clothing accessories, while shoes and socks accessories, festival supplies, handicraft accessories, daily necessities, accessories. The top five categories of packaging leads have the highest offer response rates.

At the beginning of October, a foreign trade company, Haohui Trading, urgently requested a batch of watches and pillows through the video inquiry function of Benben looking for goods.

The products that the customers of Haohui Trading need to get must be exactly the same as the samples. The deadline for delivery is also very close, so the foreign trade company has not been able to find a suitable merchant. In order to improve the efficiency of finding goods, I finally tried to issue an inquiry on the Benben finding goods platform.

Unexpectedly, after Benben finds the goods and releases the inquiry, he will get a response quotation from the merchant within one and a half hours. After further negotiation with the merchant. In the end, within 48 hours after the inquiry was released, an order of nearly 20,000 yuan was settled with the merchant.