Many bigwigs have criticized Apple for charging developers 30% commission!

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​Telegram CEO Pavel Durov blamed Apple’s App Store policies for destroying dreams and ruining entrepreneurship. He was referring to Apple’s policy of levying a 30 percent commission on in-app purchases made by developers who earn more than $1 million a year .


Durov believes Apple is destroying dreams and crushing entrepreneurs with its high App Store commissions, which require a 15% or 30% commission on most in-app purchases, calling on the EU, India and the world Regulators everywhere are starting to take action.


This isn’t the first time Durov has been critical of Apple, I learned. In August, the CEO blasted Apple’s obscure App Store rules.


Facebook parent Meta on Tuesday also criticized Apple for changing the terms of its app store to take a cut of social media advertising revenue, saying Apple’s move “is undermining other companies in the digital economy.”


In a statement on Tuesday, Meta said: “Apple has previously said it doesn’t take a cut of developers’ ad revenue, but has clearly changed its mind. We remain committed to providing small businesses with an easy way to get Advertise on our app and grow our business.”


Apple responded that requiring in-app purchases is just an extension of its existing policy, which other apps already comply with, except for apps, if the only purpose of the app is to allow marketers to buy ads across different media and manage Events, such as TV and billboards, don’t need to be split with Apple.


As early as last month, Apple’s South Korean headquarters was raided by antitrust regulators after developers complained that Apple charged them a 33% commission, which is higher than the 30% commission in the App Store.


It is understood that between 2015 and 2020, Apple’s “3%” was about 345 billion won (about 1.722 billion yuan, 240 million US dollars). In addition, Apple has experienced similar situations in other countries and regions such as France, Italy (32.1%), Turkey (35.25%) and the United Kingdom (31.5%), but no developer has officially filed a lawsuit in these countries.

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