Manchu men shave their hair and keep their braids, and the legend of the woman’s face

In the past, Manchu men all shaved half their hair and braided their hair behind their heads, and women all wringed out all the hair on their faces to make their faces go away. So why do Manchu men shave their hair and keep braids, and why do women open their faces? There is an ancient legend in the Manchus to explain the origin.

It is said that during the Liao Dynasty, some of the Jurchens living in the Hailang River and Jingbo Lake area were looted by the Liao soldiers to the Liao River area as slaves. In order to escape, people fled in groups into deep mountains and old forests, and lived fishing and hunting again. life.

One day, Liao soldiers Ma Jiling Anduoli and Shipinhe formed a circle and wanted to wipe out the remaining Jurchens. The encirclement became tighter and tighter. Those who fled were arrested and killed, and there were only more than a thousand people left.

These people were driven to the vicinity of Tianchi Lake in Changbai Mountain, and they were desperate. As long as the Liao soldiers tightened their encirclement again, they might all be wiped out.

Among the fleeing crowd was a burly man named Ulindab. Ulindab was a vigorous man. When he thought of the deaths of his compatriots and the slaves as slaves, his heart felt as uncomfortable as being burned.

He cut off his hair with a knife, stood in front of the people, and shouted: “If you don’t want to be a slave, cut off your hair like me, and fight with the Liao soldiers.”

Ulin Dabu was very happy to see that everyone would rather die than surrender than be a slave. That night they led the people to fight to the death with the Liao soldiers, and everyone killed the enemy bravely, like a tiger wolf entering a flock of sheep.

Although the Jurchens temporarily won the victory, disasters followed one after another. At that time, it was the midsummer of June, and the weather was hot and sweaty, and they couldn’t take care of washing their hair for a long time, and there were dense red bumps on their heads. This red pimple is as big as a soybean grain, and it doesn’t scratch the heart. When scratched, it bleeds and festers, and rots into pieces.

Ulin Dabu thought that if the Liao soldiers came to attack again, they would have nothing but to capture them. He thought again, rather than being killed by the enemy, it would be better to die by himself, which can be regarded as a bit of backbone. He explained his thoughts to everyone, and everyone agreed with him. Those with minor injuries picked up dead branches and dry grass, piled them up in a circle, and everyone gathered together. When it was dark, a pile of dry firewood was piled up outside the crowd, and Ulindab picked up a torch and lit the dry firewood. At this time, there was a cry, and then everyone started crying.

Ulindab looked up and shouted: “Abu Kaenduri (God), why don’t you save us?” The crying was loud and earth-shattering, and everyone would die together.

Suddenly the sky was covered with dark clouds, followed by lightning and thunder, and it began to rain cats and dogs. The sky and the earth were white, and the fire was quickly extinguished. The water on the ground flowed into a small river, washing away the corpses all over the mountains and plains.

After the heavy rain, the sky was cloudless, and the sun dried the ground, drying people’s clothes and hair. Seeing this scene, Ulin Dabu beat his hands and stamped his feet and cried loudly: “I can’t even die, so I have to be a slave?” So he drew out his sword and wanted to kill himself. At this time, someone in the sky suddenly shouted: “Don’t commit suicide!” I saw auspicious air in the air, auspicious clouds and misty clouds, and a group of female Enduli (goddesses) descended from the sky. The leader was a gray-haired old lady with a stooped body, protruding eyes, a broad forehead, and a big chin on a fluffy knife face.

This female Enduli’s name is Ban Gege, and she was originally from the Tianchi Lake in Changbai Mountain. She used to have warts on her face, and it was extremely itchy when it was rainy. So she plucked the hair on her face and washed it with clean water. She shaved her hair and washed it with clean water. The warts on her face and head gradually disappeared. Later, Abu Kahnduri enlightened her and gradually became a female Nduri.

Bangege asked the female Enduli to bring a basin full of clean water, and put some young birch bark in it. She walked up to the wounded, washed off the blood, applied birch bark, and pulled their arms and legs. It’s amazing, no matter how serious their injuries are, they don’t feel pain or itching anymore. They are full of energy, just like good people. They came back from the dead and cheered happily. So they knelt down together and begged their daughters and daughters to stay in the world and help them repel the Liao soldiers. Bangege shook his head and said, “Without Abu Kanduri’s will, we would not dare.” Then the people burst into tears again.

Suddenly an eagle flew in the sky, holding a birch bark bag in its beak, put it in front of Bangege, and flew away. Bangege opened the skin bag and said to everyone: “Don’t cry, everyone, Abu Kanduri ordered us to stay in the world, pass on to you the skills of taming tigers, leopards, bears, and poisonous snakes, and teach you to win more with less.” The method of warfare.” Ban Gege gave the skin bag to Ulindab and said, “Look, it’s all written on it.” Ulindab opened it and saw that there were circles on it, like ants I know. He didn’t understand what it meant, so he asked Ban Gege what he wrote. Ban Gege replied with a smile: “I shaved off a circle of hair with a knife, and covered my head with reed lotus in summer. The bark is always used as a wound medicine, and I am not afraid of a tiger’s wound or a snake’s bite.”

When the people heard this, they all knelt down and shouted: “Abu Kanduri! Abu Kanduri!”

Bangege asked the female Nduli to shave a circle of hair for the men and put it into a braid at the back. Women don’t have to shave their hair, they just use thread to wring the hair off their faces. One spread to ten, ten to hundreds, and gradually the people who opposed the Liao Dynasty all did so. From then on, Ulindab became famous far and wide, and the Liao soldiers were killed and retreated by the Jurchens several times when they invaded.

Since then, the Manchus have left behind the custom of men shaving their hair and keeping braids, and women opening their faces. After shaving the head and opening the face, he also pulled his arms and legs. There are also reed lotus hats and red tassels on the reed lotus; there is a saying that birch bark can cure acne.