Make you no longer a slave to your emotions

There are bound to be bumps in life, and it is not uncommon for emotions to be like the beating of the heart. So what can you do when your emotions are up and down so that you don’t change in the face of Mount Tai? Maybe you can try the following points to control your emotions so that you are no longer a slave to your emotions.

When something comes suddenly and makes your mood fall into a trough all of a sudden, what you should do is to fall into the trough along with your mood, cry, cry, scold, express the momentary emotions, and let nature take its course. It is a redemption for yourself. You let yourself go, which is a manifestation of loving yourself.

After expressing it, you will have a low mood for a period of time, then the best thing you should do at this time is to divert your attention, go to the outside world more, listen to some soothing music, and let your heart relax a little. If you were busy at that time, you had to stop what you were doing and give yourself a few days off, instead of turning around to work and thinking that if you were busy, you would forget it. However, it was like a broken love and drinking, but the sobriety is still there. escape mentality. Yes, work can numb yourself, but at the moment you are also quietly putting the weight of driving on yourself.

After the mood is relieved, it is like the ability to prepare for the next tension after the tensioned spring is relaxed. The relaxation makes it no longer stretch out of the range, so there is a psychological preparation for the next confrontation. Face it little by little, and learn to lower the range that you can lose, so that your emotions will fluctuate and become smaller with the range of loss, and gradually you will find that it is nothing more than that. .

Release yourself, soothe your mood, and lower your mind. You will find that you have developed a good attitude and can control your emotions, which may be a relief.