Magical “calculation”! Changsha manufacturing industry has created another “national team”

The cloud desktop operating system independently developed by Hunan Kylin Xin’an Technology Co., Ltd.

Red Net Moment News October 27 (Reporter Peng Chao, Correspondent Zhu Zehuan) On the evening of October 27, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the “Third Round of Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Final Winners”, a new generation of autonomous safety computing system in Changsha The cluster (“Changsha Computing System Cluster” for short) was successfully shortlisted and will become the second “national-level” advanced manufacturing cluster after the Changsha Construction Machinery Cluster.

Changsha’s new-generation autonomous secure computing system industry cluster is based on Changsha’s advanced computing and information security industry chain as a link, and is jointly constructed by integrating artificial intelligence, Beidou, blockchain, 5G industrial interconnection, integrated circuits and other new-generation information technology industries. Advanced Manufacturing Cluster.

In recent years, Changsha has mastered a number of key core technologies such as CPU, GPU, SSD, DSP, etc. around the strategic layout of “two cores and one ecology”. In terms of software ecology, Changsha is the first to build a collaborative adaptation system of PK and Kunpeng ecosystem sharing and mutual recognition with the Kylin operating system as the lead in the country, and has completed the adaptation work of more than 4,100 enterprises and nearly 103,700 products.

Up to now, hundreds of core enterprises in China have participated in the ecological construction based on the “PK system”, forming an industrial chain integrating chips, operating systems, services, software and hardware. The large-scale application of a large number of core independent products has promoted the “PK system” ecology built in Changsha to lead the development of the national Xinchuang industry.